Sunday, 8 September 2013

What can we learn about 3D Technology since Avatar?

3D has a new dimension. To say per se, 3D cinema has been existed since 1950s. It was a major craze for some decades. Today the technologies used in making a 3D movie has been changed and evolved over decades but the concept is not changed too much.   When we think about the latest 3D hit list, how we can miss the most fascinating and exotic 3D super movie Avatar. In one of the interviews it was even said and felt that after Avatar all the movies that were produced were focused to be produced in 3D even without much of effects. But Avatar was one of the biggest hit in the series. 

James Cameron had decided almost a decade ago to film this Human vs. Alien Science and Fiction movie, but he was not very convinced with the technologies available. So he waited until the technology was convincing to him and he was sure that the viewers will feel the new race and will feel a part of it. Cameron built a fusion camera system to capture the images the same way as our human eye would do. In earlier days the 3D tech used two cameras mounted side by side to generate a left and right eye effect. But they used to be very bulky thus were placed very far from each other. Now with the advancement of new technology, the fusion camera system has two cameras but with the help of high-definition digital image sensor, the lenses can sit very close, so much that it will be closer that our pupils. Also, the line of sight of such lenses is adjustable which will help to take closer angle images or can farther object image just as the eyes do. The system combines the images into a single image with much more realistic depth.

3D movies are game of technology. It’s more of a post-production work to release a movie into 3D. This decade has been very fast growing for the 3D cinema industry. Super advanced CAD used by the movie makers changed the face of cinema industry. This movie Avatar is about a world beyond ours which military tries to capture and misuse. The technologies used are mesmerizing. It is so awesomely shown how a normal human is changed into Avatar and how he feels and enjoys the world beyond our world. You can see big ships and high end techniques which do the mesmerizing work of changing a normal human to Avatar and how they invade the other world.
Definitely 3D has new life and new opportunity with these high tech technologies.

We all know that the Avatar has made the multitude a wonderful and forgettable experience no matter in the plot or the visual effects. It also made the audience know something more about 3D and CG technology and made people start being interested in 3D technology. It seems that there’re a lot of changes occurred about CGI since it. That is to say, the 3D movies become much prevailed since Avatar. 

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