Monday, 30 September 2013

Rendering Works: Tokyo Olympic Stadium in 2020

The Olympic Games has already been the sporting event all over the world. It catches the eyes of the whole world about the design of the stadium of each city hold the Olympic Games as well. The construction of these stadiums merges with the features of the local cities’ culture and the economy etc. and becomes the unique landmarks of these cities. Just like the Nest’s stadium in Beijing has become one of the places to be that people go for a trip there, which has already become the symbol of the development level of Beijing in the new century. After Tokyo won the authority for holding The Olympic Games, the renderings of its stadium announced to be public and widely won the attention of the whole architectural design industry.

As the distinguished architect, Zaha Hadid will design a new national stadium for this sporting event, which will be the main site for opening ceremony and closing ceremony. This stadium can contain eighty thousand audiences. The seats there can be adjusted, which is convenient for the audience watching the soccer and football games. The stadium will contain several kinds of sports and the cultural activities. A scalable roof designed which not only meet the demand for the audience watching the race outdoor, but also make a shelter for avoiding getting wet in the rain. The exterior of the stadium looks hollow. The Stadium looks like a big football field in the way of aerial looking down.

"The stadium will become an integral part of Tokyo's urban fabric, directly engaging with the surrounding cityscape to connect and carve the elegant forms of the design," said Zaha Hadid, after winning a competition to design the stadium. The new stadium will replace the existed Japanese national stadium, Kasumigaoka and be as the contest site for handball.

Enjoy the following renderings works, we can first expect the sports event will be brought by the 2020 Tokyo Olympics in the future.

Zaha Hadid (Zaha Hadid) won the Pritzker prize for architecture in 2004. Her architecture works makes her win the wide reputation in the academic industry and the public. The best and most famous dated architecture projects she designed include: the Vitra Fire Station in Germany and the Horticultural Exhibition located in Rhein, Weil City (1993/1999), the head of an endless belt of the Millennium Dome in the Greenwich, London, UK (1999), the tram and parking lot in Strasbourg, France (2001), the ski station in Innsbruck, Austria (2002) and the Contemporary Art Center in Cincinnati, U.S. (2003). The landmark of Beijing, China, the Galaxy SOHO and the Guangzhou Opera House are both designed by Zaha Hadid.

In effect, each production company has a huge render farm or cloud render farm behind to help the artists realize their creation and what they want their works to be, which is equipped with the top-rank hardware specs. So is Fox Renderfarm, which is not a production company but one of the leading online rendering services providers that can benefit the production companies all over the world.

Want Spots of Dust to Appear Genuine – Go In For Rendering Technology

What rings a bell when you contemplate rendering? Rendering is the procedure that is continuously utilized by the artists and visual architects with a specific end goal to give photorealistic manifestation to the characters and every single frame of the films.
Rendering technology in computer language
Rendering in the computer dialect is a procedure which is utilizing the nuts and bolts of programming improvement, observation, geometry, and light physical science. Different vocations are getting loads of backing from this rendering method as it has permitted the experts to comprehend every last detail of their discipline with incredible exactness. These days Render Farms are assuming critical part in letting the motion picture creators, artists and draftsmen to rapidly make the photorealistic scenes, structural portrayals, comic strips, and animations. This simplicity in doing rendering has acquired a support in the movie making industry on the whole.
What is rendering?
In 3-D visual communication, rendering is the methodology of including shadowing, color as well as structure to a 3-D or even to a 2-D wireframe so as to make lifelike pictures on a screen. Rendering may be carried out early (pre-rendering) or it could be carried out in on-the-fly concurrently. Concurrent rendering is regularly utilized for 3-D computer games, which require an abnormal amount of interactions with the participants. Pre-rendering, which is CPU- demanding yet could be utilized to make more reasonable pictures, is commonly utilized for motion picture making.
Rendering a must
Rendering is fundamental to any methodology or industry that requires high resolution PC graphics. Large portions of the movies and motion pictures we observe today are constituted of illustrations that might be unthinkable without rendering technology as likewise the items of some video pictures might not be noticeable. Rendering administrations are, hence, indispensable for the survival of the film business and all commercial enterprises that depend on machine graphics.
Media industry as well as Rendering
Ice Age, Avengers, Harry Porter, Cars, Toy story, Spider Man, Madagascar, Transformers, and so forth is the movies that are signs of pace with which 3D or vivified media industry has wonderfully blasted in a few years during the past. Consequently, individuals now love to watch motion pictures that are full of graphical zing and compelling the producers to concoct such motion pictures. We will have to wait and watch what different miracles the movies will accumulate the future as technology is enhancing with every passing second.

Nowadays, as the CG technology develops rapidly, rendering technology of render farm or online render farm has been applied for a lot of fields such as the movies production, advertisement, architecture etc. Fox Renderfarm, which is one of the leading online rendering service providers that can benefit the production companies all over the world with its rendering service, as it is equipped with the top-rank hardware specs.

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Render Farm Technology: Basic techniques of movie production

 Movies are watched all over the world. They are a perfect way of determining that how people view themselves and rest of the world. Render farm technology is one of the best firms doing a lot of work for the film industry. They are introducing new techniques of animation effects and making the movies more fun and exciting. They are using the basic techniques and modifying these techniques using advanced and modern effects to bring more charm in the movies.

 Movie production includes film costs mixture of various forms of art. A film is made by the mutual collaboration of the producer, director, writer, cinematographer, editors and many others. When these people work together in a creative manner, then a film is created. The quality of the movie depends on the efficiency of work of the director.  In the same way, the animation production is a very essential part of producing a movie. Animations play a vital role in increasing the entertainment actor of the movie. Every scene would definitely look superior with the addition of the animations. It is very essential in order to fully satisfy the viewers. There are many steps involved in the process movie making. A movie cannot be just made in a day or more. It involves complete step by step process. 

Render farm or cloud render farm technology believe in making creative and new things unlike those that are being watched since years. They are trying and introducing more creative visual effects for animation movies and others. This will be a step towards huge success for the film industry and it is going to blow off people’s minds. In the movie production techniques, a broad outline project is sketched. A brilliant idea of screenplay is presented. Finally, the story is converted in the form of script. The outline synopsis will be prepared right away when the story will be chosen. 

The render farm technology is having the brilliant production designers and art directors who play the most important role in managing and visualizing the proposed script. Everything is done in a managed way and this is the reason, why this company has successfully given the hits to industry. The promotion of the movie is also planed and targeted by the team of movie production. Render farm technology has planned the best ways for promotion and successful production of movie. They are making many efforts in this field and that is why they are an important part of movie industry.

Rendering Server: A Member of Design

Nowadays, it has become a common sense that technology changes life. Common people may not feel the changes of life as we stay in the influence of technology. The people who are skillful in technology take the development of technology as their career or job, while, those who are not skillful in technology then take it as an advanced and divine field. Some people who are engaged in design take technology as a tool, and the other in design industry take technology as their partners. For 3D design industry, the use of computers has made huge influence on them. Until now, with the improvement of designers’ diathesis, the computers arrarely played the role as the tool. Rendering severs of render farm or online render farm is also one of the members in design and an essential member as well.

Take it in a simple way, rendering servers are only the organized machines rowed in the engine room, while the role they played behind is neutral and creative. Rendering server is not a stagnated project. From the perspective of development, rendering server itself develops and upgrades in order to fit for the demand of rendering projects. Hence, it plays a role of evolvement and improvement. Some years later, the hardware of rendering projects will largely rely on the strong power of rendering server.

The reason that we take rendering server as a member of design is because the effects it makes are far beyond that made by a design tool. The rendering demand for large projects and large scenes can’t be satisfied by the simple tool. An effect diagram and a shot with the vitality close to realism made in the process of the 24 hours non-stop operation of rendering server, which can’t be gained just by the simple tools.
Fox Renderfarm always focuses on our rendering servers, which are getting the attentive care among the major data centers and our team as well as power is become stronger. If you observe rendering server with your heart and get to know how it function, then it is believed that you will have a deeper understanding of its importance and be subdued by the 3D works made by it.

Friday, 27 September 2013

Tips on Setting Motion to an Animated Ceiling Fan

Are you working on the first client specified CG project? If the project you are working requires that the blades of CG ceiling fan would rotate, things might appear intimidating for you. But you can always take the help of Maya Motion Blur technique to create the most realistic ceiling fan with rotating blades. Render farm or online render farm is the choice that you can abide by to help you fulfill what you want about this. Check the steps!
·        Step one:
Create the model of the ceiling fan in Maya before applying motion blur.  Develop the frame-wise look of the rotating blades before setting them in motion.
·        Step two:
When the frame-wise look of the rotating blades gets completed, set the frame range. This will determine the time till when the animation will be active. Choose the frame numbers as per your personal preference and press the ‘S’ key on your computer to mark the starting point of the animation.
·        Step three:
Go to the last frame when the animated blades of the CG ceiling fan will stop rotating. Press the ‘S’ key of your keyboard again in order to mark it as the last frame of animation. Rotate the blades of the fan on the Z-axis of Maya viewport. Remember, the speed of the blades of the CG fan will depend upon the number of times you rotate the blades at the last frame.
·        Step four:
If you wish to have a trial view, simply slide the time slider from the first frame to the last and the blades will rotate automatically! However, you will not be able to see this animation when you render the project at this stage. But you will always have the liberty to rectify any mistakes during this stage.
·        Step five:
Your CG model needs to be enabled with motion blur effect now to exhibit that the blades of the ceiling fan are rotating.  Go to the ‘Render Settings’ of your application software and enable the ‘Motion Blur’ option.  Next, select 3D option from the drop-down menu of the ‘Motion Blur’ tab. Also, set the blur rate. The ‘Use Shutter Open/Close” tab under this ‘Motion Blur’ option will help you in setting the blades of the fan at the right motion. Just remember that when you allow the shutter to remain opened for a longer span, it will make the image more blurry. So, set the values of the ‘Shutter Open’ and ‘Shutter Close’ as per the requirement of your project.
·        Step six:
You must render the frames repeatedly at this stage. If the outcome is unsatisfactory, change the ‘Shutter Value’ and Shutter Speed’ and render the CG project repeatedly before accepting the project finally. You can hasten up the task if you take the help of options like Fox Renderfarm.