Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Human Brain Comes with Technology “ROBOCOP”

Earlier in 1980s, “ROBOCOP” was a successive sci-fi movie produced by Paul Verhoeven. It was the first production of the ROBOCOP franchise. At that time, this movie received positive reviews for its nice theme. It showed corruption, privatization, dystopia, identity, gentrification, capitalism, and human nature. A police Officer Alex Murphy (Peter Weller) was brutally murdered and that time a mega- corporation OCP (Omni Consumer Products) subsequently revived him as a superhuman cyborg law enforcer, which named ROBOCOP. Peter Weller as Alex Murphy, Nancy Allen as Anne Lweis, Dan O’Herlihy (OCP), Kurtwood Smith as Clarence Boddicker were the main characters of this film.
Craig Davies also made the whole models entitled ED-209, while the animation part was made by Phil Tippett, stop motion animation was made by a veteran. In the movie there was one of the set pieces where the “ED-209" looked and animated sequences were the close supervision of director where sometimes acted out the movements of robot’s. Jon Davison was voiced of ED-209 who also the producer of the movie. In many more projects Davies and Tippett worked together as like as this movie. In this movie, there was a scene where Emil attempts to drive Robocop off the road. That time accidentally he drives into a vat of toxic waste which causing the flesh to melt off his hands and face in that scene full visual effects were conceived and designed by Bottin who inspired by Rick Baker’s working process on The Incredible Melting Man where he used the same technique for the Robocop.
Chindo Brothers Productions animated and fabricated the dinosaur puppet which in the 600 SUX commercial. Don Waller animated the dinosaur that had also a cameo which is in the same sequence, reacting to the creature rampaging to tight close-up. The Japanese comics “The 8 Man” helped him to make the suit. The designer of the Robocop suits Bottin tried to make the movie different from the others.
In this time CGI, industry has already built the way of making this kind of science fiction and action movie. Now they are using computer to design the robots and its functionality, which is so much realistic, then the real robots. Now the robotics engineer and animators all are working together in this type of film which very much entertaining to the viewers. Now maximum robotics film are making by the real robots which are programmed by the programmers.
In 1980s, the film lovers were enjoyed this kind of science fiction action movie and the production houses were always tried deliver different type of science fiction action movie using robots in every year to show their great work in this type of movie. That is the reason they achieved a giant hand from the top render firms.
As the CG technology develops rapidly, sci-fi movies become more and more popular and also suit for the taste for the multitude. Sometimes, we are even surprised about the amazing of the technology made the amazing scenes in the sci-fi movies. In effect, when we have seen the comparison between the before and after effects of these movies, we’ll feel a big divide about the comparison. However, the post production behind these movies is very difficult and time-consuming. It can be calculated to a small frame by frame. In effect, these productions can’t be apart from the help of render farm equipped with top-rank hardware specs to help their artists to realize their creation and what they want their movies to be. So is Fox Renderfarm, which is not a production company but one of the leading online rendering services providers, which also means the production companies all over the world can benefit from the rendering services it offers. It is its point to make contributions to the development of the CG technology.

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