Wednesday, 11 September 2013


At the end of the 1970s, the adventure sci-fi movies turned into big budget spectacle through the film “Star Wars”. Producer Roger Corman decided to produced science fiction and space adventure movies. As a result, in 1980 Roger Corman produced the sci-fiction space adventure film named “Battle beyond the Stars”, which was directed by Jimmy T. Murakami and distributed by New World Pictures (20th century fox). Due to this film, Hollywood took actions for fantasies filmmaking with big budget.
In order to produce this kind of films, the animator team needs some special techniques to help them make the scenes in the movies look much more realistic, while at that time it was a quite tough task to apply the techniques to produce films. As John Sayles managed some offbeat sci-fi ideas which were around the edges of a derivative plot, he even paid homage for the film’s inspiration. Director Jimmy, as animator, directed his first and live action
Director Jimmy who was an animator directed his first and live action feature, which was lack of enough actors. The quite problematic factor for filmmaking is that there was no momentum when making one static scene to another scene with an awkward choppiness in this film, which was the dramatic composition of the Murakami’s eyes.

The interesting things in the film were modeling and production design, which were set by a young designer, Jim Camron who was working on his first feature. At the beginning, he built a studio and special effects unit where was for people working on this film until the pictures being prepared. After the production manager left, Cameron took the charge of the blessings of the crew and delivered the film with numerous sets, multiple space ships and a huge number of special effects. Compared to the contemporary standards, the look was cheap, so the visual effects team solved the problems with unimaginatively staged space spectacle in short time with money and some crew members.

Now, some ways of making the adventure sci-fi film make the animators and visual effects more successful, which are 3D techniques for making characters, water, flowers, movements etc. Regarding to the action scenes, the visual effects team try to make them appear naturally instead of using the traditional pan-follow camera sequences.  Now the producers shot space action and create spacer in the natural way following to some space camera rules. In the respect of shooting live action sequences, they apply some pre-visualizations.

In 1980s, both the 20th century movie production and producer Roger Corman tried to present different types of sci-fi movies, which had got great respond from the multitude. In effect, some leading render farms or free render farm can do a great favor for their jobs, as they are equipped with top-level hardware specs. We all know that each production company has a huge render farm behind.  Fox Renderfarm with 3ds max render farm is the render farm, which is equipped the newly hardware specs in CGI. It is not Production Company, as it is one of the leading online rendering services providers. That is to say the production companies all over the world can benefit from the rendering services we offer. It is our meaning to try our best to make great contributions to the development of CGI.

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