Thursday, 5 September 2013

New Era beginning with “Edge of Tomorrow”

Edge of Tomorrow is a British/American Sci-Fi production hat which is expected to be released in 2014. The exact release date has been touted for June 6 2014, and according to the producers and the director, the movie will be released in 3D and IMAX 3D. The movie is directed by Doug Liman and adapted from Dante Harper’s screenplay. The theme of the movie is borrowed from the Japanese All You Need is Kill written by Hiroshi Sakurazaka. Featuring of this film is the affiliation of award-winning actors Tom Cruise, Bill Praxton and Emily Blunt among other talented actors.

The filming of the set was done in London and shot in the Warner Bros Studios in September 2012. Filming of this movie was not an easy task, with the producers having to shut down Trafalgar Square in order to possibly film some shots of the movie in November. Once again Tom Cruise starring as Lt. Col. Bill Cage features in another movie where he saves humanity from possible extinction. In this movie, there is a raging war between the human race and an alien race, the Mimics. Lt. Col. Bill Cage has never been in combat before, not until he has to take on what would easily be referred to as a suicide mission. Untrained and without much of support in as far as equipment is concerned he is demoted and dropped into a war he had never been able to plan for. As expected, he dies in a matter of minutes though to his credit he goes down with an Alpha.

In an interview, Tom Cruise comments “the alien invasion film as not become a trope where people understand the language of this kind of genre, and now we can get into this kind of fun character journey”
Indeed L. Col. Bill Cage comes back to life and keeps on getting killed. However, with each and every time he comes back, he becomes stronger, smarter and tougher and alongside Rita Vrataski, a Special Forces warrior, they are able to get the solution to eventually annihilate the aliens and save the planet.
This is the first motion picture that will be shot at the Warner Bros Studios Leavesden. There are a number of genius minds behind this production, including the likes of Dion Beebe who was the director of photography for Memoirs of a Geisha, Oliver Scholl, the production designer for Jumper and Independence Day, James Herbert who was the editor for Sherlock Holmes, Kate Hawley, costume designer for Pacific Rim and Nick Davis, visual effects supervisor for The Dark Knight.

No matter how successful a 3D movie or sci-fi movie is, what we can’t ignore is the contribution of render farm made for these movies’ production. As a matter of fact, a successful 3D or sci-fi movie production can’t be apart from the help of render farms. Even, we can say these movies can’t be produced without the help of render farm. It is certain that the skill of artists is important for CG movie production, while it would be much better with the help of render farm. Artists’ creation can’t be realized without render farm. We all know that each production company has a huge render farm which is equipped with top-rank hardware specs. So is Fox Renderfarm with good render farm software. It is not a production company, yet production companies all over the world can benefit from the render service it offers. It is the meaning for its existence to make contributions to the development of CG industry.

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