Saturday, 21 September 2013

The 31st Animated Feature of Walt Disney “Aladdin”

Following the success of the animators and presenting new inventions in the movie world, Walt Disney Pictures released their 31st animated feature in 1992which was named “Aladdin”. It was the part of the era of Disney Film which was known as Disney Renaissance. It was a great production of John Musker and Ron Clements who directed the movie spectacularly. The success of the film led to other material which was inspired by this film like two directed-to-video.
The screenplay of the film went through three drafts before Jeffery Katzenberg, Disney president agreed to its production. The animators of the film was based on the designs on the work of caricaturist Al Hirschfeld and they also used computers for coloring and creating some animated elements. During the production, the animators faced the first issue, which was the depiction of Aladdin John Musker explained that early in screens, they played with Aladdin being a little bit younger and he had a mother in the story… in order to make the design the character became more athletic looking, more filled out, more of a young leading man, more of a teen-hunk version.The character Aladdin was designed by the team of Glen Keane and originally made to resemble actor Michael J. Fox. The team decided to make boyish design which wasn’t appealing enough. So that the character redesigned to add elements which was derived from actor Tom Cruise and Calvin Klein models.
Most characters of the film was designed by caricaturist Al Hirschfeld production designer Richard Vander Wende. The design of Jafar wasn’t based on Hirschfeld’s work, because the animator of this design wanted to make the character contrasting. Every character was designed and animated alone with the animators consulting for making the scenes with interrelating characters. In order to make the design of scenery, the layout supervisor RasoulAzadani took many pictures of Isfahan, Iran for guidance. The coloring of the film was done by the computerized CAPS process. The color motifs were selected according to the personality. The protagonist used light colors like as blue, the antagonists used red and black for dark and for Agrabah and its palace they used yellow color.
Now animators are using many software and studios to make this find of animation film. They are now trying to make the film in 3D version which will make the movie so much realistic to the viewers. They use IMAX Studio and CGI technology to make the every character looking so much alive and beautiful. They are now working together to develop the film in a spectacular way which will make the film successful in the movie industry.
Every people of every decade are enjoying watching this kind of animation film which was presented and will present through the next decades by the Walt Disney Pictures. For this reason, they achieve a big hand from the render firm in every year and decaed.
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