Monday, 23 September 2013


Early in the 1990s, the animators of Walt Disney Pictures decided to apply CGI technology to make animation movie. Firstly, they used the following techniques in the movie “The Rescuers Down Under” successfully; they thought that it will be better to apply this kind of new techniques in the film to show new production for the render firms. That’s why “Beauty and the Beast” called as the second film of CGI technology.
With respect to the early production of the “Beauty and the Beast”, it took two years instead of four years to complete with the reason of the later production was that the production time spent developing the Purdum version of the film. The most of the production was mainly done in the Feature Animation Studio which housed in the Air Way facility in Glendale, California. Disney- MGM Studio’s smaller assisted the California team to make several scenes of the film; particularly they helped them on “Be Our Guest” number. The animators of the film used CAPS along with a digital scanning, ink, paint and compositing system software and hardware which were developed by Pixar for Disney. For wider range of colors, soft shading and colored line effects of the characters, the software allowed to do this. CAPS also used in the production crew to simulate multiplane effects, characters placement and also backgrounds on separate layers and moving them away from the camera on the Z-axis for creating the illusion of depth and altering the focus of each layer.
The software of CAPS was allowed for easier combination of hand-drawn art with CGI technology which was before plotted in animation paper, then xerxed and finally painted traditionally. But this technique was put significant change during the waltz sequence of this film where Belle and Beast dance was done through CG ballroom as the camera dollies around them. The director and the filmmakers decided against the use of computer instead of traditional animation earlier but later they accepted the use of the CGI technology as it was improved significantly. In order to make the opening scene of this film, the animators also used some CGI elements and techniques.
In 1990s, the Walt Disney Production showed some different types of animation techniques which was accepted with significant response from the film lovers. They proved that they always made different invention in the animation movie to make the production easier to others. That’s why they achieved a big hand from the leading render firms.
In effect, an excellent movie not only includes a good story, good characters, good music etc. but also includes the excellent production, especially for the 3D, sci-fi, CG movies and animation. However, the excellent production of these movies mentioned above can’t be apart from the help of render farm as render farm can help their artists realize their creations and what they want the movies to be. As we all know, each production company has a huge render farm behind equipped with high-end hardware specs. So is Fox Renderfarm with vray render farm, which can benefit the production companies all over the world with the rendering services it offers. It is not a production company but one of the leading online rendering services provides. It is our meaning to make contributions to the improvement of CG technology.

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