Monday, 2 September 2013

Relationship between the CG Industry and Advertising Production

The production which is dedicated to creating, planning and handling the advertisement of a product for its client is called advertising production. This production puts effort on selling the product of its client and its independence from the client. The whole marketing and branding strategies and sale promotions depend on it. Television, radio or the organization of some program can be parts of an advertising campaign. New look in film industry is computer generated film whose work is done by the CG industry. It creates a new era in the movie world. People watch movie in 3D version with the blessing of CG industry. 
The producers want their products be well known by clients when they contact with the advertising productions. So these producers create some good plans which will help to make the products well known to the clients. Now the question is what is the strategy will work here? The strategy is what kind of communication people maintain.  For a product if you think you make ads for different media it will be costly and time consuming. A print ad online is not enough for advertising, you must use digital media. In the online ad there will be some contents, design, larger typeface and animations to catch the reader’s eyes. In creating ads for different media you have to use several software applications and that increase training and software costs. Continuously changing content and design of the ad from the different applications is so time-consuming and error-prone. In that way, you have to use the superiority of each channel to convey your product messages and these messages can be achieved by CG industry.

Now look to the past, we watch an advertisement on television where no Computer Graphics was used. Some actors and actress act like a product and present the product with their skillful performance. There are some scripts and product demos to give some hints to help their performance. But nowadays many camera regulations, nice script, animation, and products on the screen are all done by computer graphics which is believed much and more attractive for customers. Computer plays an important role both in the aspect of special effects and the production. With the blessing of CG industry, people buy product for the great looking ads. A product is popular for its great advertisement. 3D film productions are using their computer generated program to make a great advertisement for their clients. Also an advertising firm makes some demo projects for their clients which are done by CG industry. Nowadays when a client is going to launch his product, the first thing he thinks about is the advertisement because it will be very effective for the product. 

This generation wasted much time in watching television and using internet. In order to taka a great advantage of this, advertising firm uses television for advertising for their products and it will be much better for their products if these advertisements are developed by some creative producers, designers and editors who play a great role in this sector. Large amount of clients fully depend on the good reputation of the advertising firm to choose products they want because when a product is in the course of development, good logo, good shape or container of products designed by the CG industries animator are much more attractive. Just like when you see some ice cream which have many shapes and many color combinations are attractive to the children and that work is done by the designer or animator in the CG industry. Some advertisements made for the children contain so many animals and that type of advertisement is made by the CG industry.

The last but not the least, all things can be done much better by advertising firm with the help of CG industry. But when a product script is going to an animator, he can give a product a great logo, animation, typical words and color combinations which make the product much more attractive to the people.

Actually, no matter movie production or advertising production can’t be apart from the help of rendering farm.  We can even say these movies/advertisings can’t be produced without render farm. It is for sure that the skill of artists is important for CG movie production, while render farm is much more important than it. Artists’ creation cannot be realized without render farm. As we all know, each production company has a huge render farm which is equipped with top-rank hardware specs. So is Fox Renderfarm with blender render farm, Mayarender farm,  good render farm software, vray render farm and 3ds max render farm. We not a production company, yet production companies all over the world can benefit from the render service we offer. To contribute to the CG industry we love is the meaning of our existence.

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