Sunday, 8 September 2013

New Technology Commencing with “Jupiter Ascending”

Fresh from the success of Cloud Atlas and Speed Racer, Grant Hill co-produces Jupiter Ascending under direction by Lana and Andy Wachowski. The Sci-Fi film is also written and directed by the Wachowskis. Jupiter Ascending features a Russian Immigrant who works as a janitor and later discovers that her life as she knows is about to change in order for her to live up to her destiny. Jupiter is played by Mila Kunis, while Channing Tatum plays Caine, an ex-military genetically engineered hunter sent to kill Jupiter. Interestingly enough, Caine is part of a genetic splice that was defective, and as a result he has different DNA running through his body. He is a half albino, and has human and wolf DNA. The film is produced by Warner Bros Pictures and Village Roadshow Pictures and promises to be an interesting CGI production.

According to the Wachowskis, it is one of the toughest productions they have ever worked on. In as much as they will try to make some good work out of CG production, the movie will not depend so much on the CG elements. However, viewers should expect so much in terms of camera work. Besides that the directors also indicated that a number of the stunts that will be performed on the set are real, making it an exciting and scary experience for them.

Perhaps one of the reasons why CG technology is not being used so much in this movie is because of the fear of being overused. From time to time we have seen a number of movies where CG has been employed effectively, and in others where it was overdone and became a flop. Apart from that there is also the fact that when a character has employed so much CGI, the real aspect of the movie is taken away, and in some way the movie becomes more like a video game. This is one thing that the Wachowskis are keen to focus on. Indeed in terms of combining reality and digital content, very few can compare to the Wachowskis.

It will also be interesting to see how Caine (Tatum) transforms between a wolf and a human, bearing in mind that he shares both DNA. However, that should not be much of a hassle for the producers since such has been done before, unless they make it better. According to Tatum, they will be doing stuff that has never been done, both in CG and on camera. Well, the best we can do is waiting!

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