Tuesday, 17 September 2013


After the development of animation movie production and new invention of the animators, Walt Disney Pictures and Pixar Animation Studios released a computer animated family comedy film which was mentioned as “Toy Story”. The film was directed by John Lasseter. This was the first production of the Pixar Animation Studios and also the first feature length computer animated film.
Pixar Animation Studios had produced short animated film earlier. By the help of Disney, they began to produce feature computer animated film from the success of “Tin Toy”. This studio consisted of a small number of employees to produce the film but they done a really good job. This film was praised highly from the audience from the opening week. The reviews were entirely praising both animation’s techniques and the screenplay’s wit. As it was the first feature animated film, the animators needed to do something different from the past and they done it successfully. Director of the film explained that they had to make things look more organic, each and every leaf and blade of the glass had to be created. They had to give the world and the audience a sense of history. The animators of the film began their work to develop the character according to the guide of storyboards. Every character was modeled off of a computer drawn diagram first and then it was reached in the computer animated design. After the animators had the model, articulation and motion controls code of the character, then it was allowed the character to move in a variety of ways like talking, walking or jumping.
Every shot of the film was passed through the hands of eight teams of different sectors. The art department was working on the color scheme and general lighting of the film. The layout department which was led by Craig Good was working on the models of the shot and framed every shot by setting the location of the virtual camera. They also worked on the program of any camera moves. After the layout department, the shot went to the animation department which was led by the Rich Quade and Ash Brannon. They made certain exceptions in every scene of the film where director felt that the acting was particularly critical. They used Meny program to set every character into a desired mode. After the developing of the character, animators added shading, lighting, visual effects and computer processors for the final design.
In order to make this kind of film, the animators are using new programs and ways to make every characters and shots that they apply in the “Toy Story 3”. Now they apply IMAX Studios to formulate the characters so much realistic. They also use CGI technology to make every shots of the animation film.
This is the best animated film ever made. Through this film, Walt Disney Pictures showed some amazing work of the animation and achieved a big hand from the render firm.
Nowadays, 3D films, sci-fi movies and animation become much more popular than before. Does this phenomenon mean that the production of these kinds of movies is very easy for the producer? The answer is no. We can even say the process of producing these movies is very difficult and time-consuming. Even, the production of these effects of these movies must be calculated to frame by frame to make them look realistic for the audience. Considerable time and money and staff are focused on the production. One thing can’t be denied is the render farm or online render farm, as these movies can’t be made without the help of render farms. We all know that each production company has a huge render farm behind equipped with high-end hardware specs to help their artists realize creations and what they want these movies to be. So is Fox Renderfarm, which is one of the leading online rendering services providers that the production companies can benefit from the rendering services it offer.

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