Monday, 9 September 2013


After successful performance in “How to train your dragon”, DreamWorks Animation is going to release the sequel of the film in June 13 2014, which is entitled “How to train your dragon 2” whose writer and director is Dean DeBlois. In this film, Jay Baruchel dubs for Hiccup, Gerard Butler for Hiccup’s father, Craig Ferguson for Gobber the Belch, American Ferrera for Astrid Hofferson. The plot of the film is continuous as the Vikings were previously landlocked on the backs of dragons. The entire Northern Hemisphere opens to them and Hiccup’s curiosity increases.

Chris Sanders and Dean DeBlois the hire super directors are working under unrealistic Viking world, which has larger conflict between humans and dragons. Chris Sanders who redesigns the “Toothless” which is the main dragon character of the film. The design of toothless is beautifully nonetheless. Incredibly charming and loveable character “Toothless” responds positively to Hiccup, so the character is combined with the beautiful animation and direction. Add some plates and “Stitch-esque” appendages on the head which makes far more new emotional expression work beautifully in the film. The extremely bulbous noses of Shrek-esque of the Viking characters, the ugly troll of the characters which are newly redesign in this film. There are some new fairy and lovable expression in the fairly flat looking character Hiccup added in the film. The design crew gets a big thumb up for their incredible and entertaining character design of dragons. Granddaddy, the massive beast is designed by Ricardo Delgado who also designs so many characters in this film.

Craig Ferguson worked as “Gobber the Belch” in the previous film as well as in this film and is developed newly by the design crew. The supervisor of surfacing design Sabrina Riegel also works here. The surfacing department did painting, texturing, adding color and everything in the previous film as well as they will do the same things in this film. Everything like the characters, dragons, environment was done in 3D in the previous film as well as they will adopt the same strategy for this film. This department made the first sequel in 2D then converted it into 3D, which is true for this film.

Shagguy Hornsby supervised the animators’ crew. This department made many colorful and pretty dragons, different colors of fire, movements of the characters in the previous film so that they ensure that these scenes will also be adopted in the sequel of the film. Sean Fennell, the crowd supervisor made the crowd of the dragons in the previous film, which will be also true for in this film. 3D supervision department made the 3D surface in the previous film which is supervised by Phill McNally will work in this film as the head of 3D supervisor. Previously Dream Works seems to turn a corner and consider an animation studio which can give Pixar to run for their money now. 

Dream Works animators’ team always try to deliver some different invention to the viewers. According to this theme they will introduce a new animated 3D era to the world through this film. This film can assure them that they will achieve a big hand from the leading rendering firms.

No matter Dream Works production team or Warner Bros. Pictures, there’s a huge renderfarm behind them, which is equipped with the top-level hardware specs. The render farm helps their artists to realize their creation about what they want the movies to be. So is Fox Renderfarm with vray render farm. We are not a production company, instead we are an online rendering service provider, which mean the production companies all over the world can benefit from the rendering services we offer. It is our point to make contributions to the development of CGI.

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