Sunday, 15 September 2013

A fun peep – Jackass 3D!

We have no choice about the game changer of the film industry rather than agree that after the introduction of 3D and sci-fi movies, which has made the whole film industry a new look, new recognition and new platform for its growth. There are many hit movies which are credited for the continual growth of 3D. One of them is Jackass 3D, which was released in 2010 and is the third film of the Jackass film series.

This movie started with the explanation of 3D technology. Most of the scenes in this movie were shot by Phantom High Speed Camera with 1000 frames per second. 

This movie was filled with fun and as its name suggested that you would be kept up on your seat laughing and giggling all the time. As per some critic review, it was for sure that you would want to keep your children off from the place where you were watching this movie.

Jackass 3D followed the same site as the old movie and television series. It was a perfect blend of multiple pranks, skits, stunts and without conniving. For that matter, there were some stunts used for the following scenes like the game of tetherball played with a beehive, which was filled with the Africanized bees; or like there was a scene where the tooth was being pulled by a Lamborghini and the scene where the chest hair was pulled off using glue. The whole movie was filled with the funny pranks mentioned above. Even towards the end of the movie, the final skit was just done as the introduction. There were many bomb blasts happening in the end includes the whole crew members being washed by a wave pool. The best part in this movie was the showing of the clips of the previous series at the end as well.

There’s also a sequel called Jackass 3.5.  The technology used in the next movie was much advanced than that in the previous one. Today if these directors would decide to shoot the same movie using the last technology, I am sure that their life would become easier as the technology has become much advanced.

They need not strive to do the whole film shooting as most of the scenes can be done in computer. Design and automation will help them produce the most difficult scenes with ease as well. Thus, the whole production will be 25% but the after shooting work will be 100%. But nevertheless every step is learning and every movie is a proof that we have done lot of hard work in learning the whole system and then we came up with what we say today as the latest technology. 

With the development of CG technology, 3D movies, sci-fi or CG movies has become much more prevailing than before. And  the production of these movies has also become much more precise than before, which makes these movies become more popular for the multitude and successful nowaday. As a matter of fact, the success of these movies are related to the help of render farm. We all know that each production company has a huge render farm behind, which is equipped with the high-end hardware specs. So is Fox Renderfarm. We are not a production company, which means the production companies all over the world can benefit from the rendering services we offer. It is our meaning to make contributions to the improvement of CG technology.

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