Thursday, 5 September 2013

Great Gatsby Comes Garishly Attached to both 3D Technology and Artistic Conception

Love can’t be shaped, as it is abstract. As an Ideology, love is mainly showed through the rollers’ performances, which can be a smile, tears, a kiss or a hug. Besides performances, we also build the surrounding atmosphere to heighten the warm love show. Thus, the site and scenery always play an essential role in the movie and TV shooting. 3D technology has change the form of scenery, which can totally be realized through 3D design rather than totally depend on artificial production like before. Sci-fi works take in particular. These spectacular and huge scenes what we have seen are all the “fake” scenes produced with the use of CG technology. But can you imagine that the warm and garish scene of romance can also be achieved perfectly through 3D technology? There the Great Gatsby is the film both attaching to 3D and romantic conception.

The scenes in Great Gatsby are much more beautiful and romantic building with 3D technology. When the leading role Nick Callaway first went to the mansion of the Buchanan, the Baz Luhrmann made the white curtains in the living room floating up, which made Daisy seem to stand in the floating castles in the air. Although this slightly exaggerated and gorgeous screen is a little unbelievable, it can make the audience mentally follow the scene into the dreamy love. That’s the charming love brought by 3D technology. 3D technology attaching to the extreme rendering effects by network rendering servers is both the technology and an expression form of art.

If you just regard the 3D as a means of technology, then it will be very hard for you to feel the impressive picture effects made by 3D technology. If you have noticed the artistic effects made by 3D technology, then you will find that how tedious the movies produced without the help of 3D technology. The purpose of good 3D effects is not to weaken the subject of movies. But it seems that some production companies can’t achieve the aesthetic 3D scenes, instead, they just take advantage of the 3D technology to advertise for their products. That may bring hidden danger for the future development of 3D technology.

Love deserves the sincerity. So does 3D technology, which will bring a bright prospect for movie industry.

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