Sunday, 29 September 2013

Rendering Server: A Member of Design

Nowadays, it has become a common sense that technology changes life. Common people may not feel the changes of life as we stay in the influence of technology. The people who are skillful in technology take the development of technology as their career or job, while, those who are not skillful in technology then take it as an advanced and divine field. Some people who are engaged in design take technology as a tool, and the other in design industry take technology as their partners. For 3D design industry, the use of computers has made huge influence on them. Until now, with the improvement of designers’ diathesis, the computers arrarely played the role as the tool. Rendering severs of render farm or online render farm is also one of the members in design and an essential member as well.

Take it in a simple way, rendering servers are only the organized machines rowed in the engine room, while the role they played behind is neutral and creative. Rendering server is not a stagnated project. From the perspective of development, rendering server itself develops and upgrades in order to fit for the demand of rendering projects. Hence, it plays a role of evolvement and improvement. Some years later, the hardware of rendering projects will largely rely on the strong power of rendering server.

The reason that we take rendering server as a member of design is because the effects it makes are far beyond that made by a design tool. The rendering demand for large projects and large scenes can’t be satisfied by the simple tool. An effect diagram and a shot with the vitality close to realism made in the process of the 24 hours non-stop operation of rendering server, which can’t be gained just by the simple tools.
Fox Renderfarm always focuses on our rendering servers, which are getting the attentive care among the major data centers and our team as well as power is become stronger. If you observe rendering server with your heart and get to know how it function, then it is believed that you will have a deeper understanding of its importance and be subdued by the 3D works made by it.

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