Thursday, 12 September 2013

Priority for 3D Movie and Television Works: “Zero Negative Feedback” in Technology

“Zero Negative Feedback” has become one of the objectives pursued for the movie and television works since the past two years. While it is the movie-Life of Pie in 2012 firstly sparked the phenomenon of “Zero Negative Feedback”, which seems to be mistaken by many people to take advantage of this pursuit as a tool for the hypocritical marketing.

The “Zero Negative Feedback” originates from the negative feedback those online shopping sellers do not get from buyers, which means the sellers’ goods and services were recognized by the market. The “Zero Negative Feedback” is largely “borrowed” by cultural and entertained circles led it to be hot, which can be attributed to the released of the movies and televisions in the first half of this year. The “Zero Negative Feedback” almost becomes the “Standard Configuration” of movies and televisions.

The audience will go to watch the movies in the commented tidal influence of “Zero Negative Feedback”. Although this method of speculation would increase the box officers, the reputation of movies will be largely counted in the end.

Looking back to the movies with real “Zero Negative Feedback”, we can know that the movies can get the pure “Zero Negative Feedback” only when both the story and the technology reach a certain level. With respect to 3D movies, the first step is to achieve the “Zero Negative Feedback” in technology. It is for sure that the scope of these technologies is very large, including the flexible use in 3D software, constantly upgrade, motion capture and real-time rendering technology etc.

We all know that a lot of movies are similar with each other in the plot, which has already made the audience be tired of this. The Chinese animations take in particular, which have the same story mode. It is necessary to make a lot of changes both in thought and the level of screenwriters to change the current situation in Chinese animation. However, now the level of Chinese animation is at the state of developing, thus it is the right time to transfer now to get “Zero Negative Feedback” in the production technology, which will make it easier for the producers to absorb in the knowledge of technology.

We know that the method of marketing is just the channel of auxiliary publicity. Nothing can be compared with the reputation brought by the good quality. With the level of technology as the safeguard, the story of the movie can spare room for imaginations and then put the movies to the peak of “Zero Negative Feedback”.

Usually an excellent movie production like 3D animation and CG movies can't be done without help of rendering farm. We can even say these movies/animations can't be produced without render farm. It is for sure that the skill of artists is important for CG movie production, while render farm is much more important than it. Artists' creation cannot be realized without render farm. As we all know, each production company has a huge render farm which is equipped with top-rank hardware specs. So is Fox Renderfarm with good render farm software. We are not a production company, yet production companies all over the world can benefit from the render service we offer. To contribute to the CG industry we love is the meaning of our existence!

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