Monday, 30 September 2013

Rendering Works: Tokyo Olympic Stadium in 2020

The Olympic Games has already been the sporting event all over the world. It catches the eyes of the whole world about the design of the stadium of each city hold the Olympic Games as well. The construction of these stadiums merges with the features of the local cities’ culture and the economy etc. and becomes the unique landmarks of these cities. Just like the Nest’s stadium in Beijing has become one of the places to be that people go for a trip there, which has already become the symbol of the development level of Beijing in the new century. After Tokyo won the authority for holding The Olympic Games, the renderings of its stadium announced to be public and widely won the attention of the whole architectural design industry.

As the distinguished architect, Zaha Hadid will design a new national stadium for this sporting event, which will be the main site for opening ceremony and closing ceremony. This stadium can contain eighty thousand audiences. The seats there can be adjusted, which is convenient for the audience watching the soccer and football games. The stadium will contain several kinds of sports and the cultural activities. A scalable roof designed which not only meet the demand for the audience watching the race outdoor, but also make a shelter for avoiding getting wet in the rain. The exterior of the stadium looks hollow. The Stadium looks like a big football field in the way of aerial looking down.

"The stadium will become an integral part of Tokyo's urban fabric, directly engaging with the surrounding cityscape to connect and carve the elegant forms of the design," said Zaha Hadid, after winning a competition to design the stadium. The new stadium will replace the existed Japanese national stadium, Kasumigaoka and be as the contest site for handball.

Enjoy the following renderings works, we can first expect the sports event will be brought by the 2020 Tokyo Olympics in the future.

Zaha Hadid (Zaha Hadid) won the Pritzker prize for architecture in 2004. Her architecture works makes her win the wide reputation in the academic industry and the public. The best and most famous dated architecture projects she designed include: the Vitra Fire Station in Germany and the Horticultural Exhibition located in Rhein, Weil City (1993/1999), the head of an endless belt of the Millennium Dome in the Greenwich, London, UK (1999), the tram and parking lot in Strasbourg, France (2001), the ski station in Innsbruck, Austria (2002) and the Contemporary Art Center in Cincinnati, U.S. (2003). The landmark of Beijing, China, the Galaxy SOHO and the Guangzhou Opera House are both designed by Zaha Hadid.

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