Thursday, 1 August 2013

What can we Learn Rendering Technology from “The Croods”?

The Croods is the latest innovation of DreamWorks Animation. For rendering workstations and server Dreamworks Animation uses Linux and Hp in this movie. To generate images from 3d models approximately 9000 computing render-years taken in The Croods. 300-400 animators work hard around three years to complete this movie. In this movie 250TB of data storage capacity used to make the images from raw sketches to stereoscopic high definition shots. DreamWorks archives 70TB images after completing The Croods that can be reused in future productions. 2000 control points used for single animated character and each character takes six months to craft with more than 250 billion pixels for successful making of The Croods.

For rendering this movie DreamWorks used huge amount of compute power and orchestrated collaboration where HP Converged Infrastructure fulfill the productions requirement of technical resources .to render the movie perfectly DreamWorks  used a mix of HP proLiant G8, G6 and G5 server. Artists of this movie work on large and complex scenes by the help of HP Z820 workstations with dual Intel Xeon processors. For high performance applications five petabytes of disk storage was tiered from solid-state drives and volatile cache. For nearline and archival storage there also high capacity SATA drives and 15000rpm hard drives. DreamWorks can ensure enough network bandwidth because of its large number of animators around the world. To complete these movie three different places used by DreamWorks those are Glendale, redwood and Bangalore. 10bps Ethernet networks with automatic fail over used for maintaining network connections in different studios. 
For rendering this movie DreamWorks used their own render farm of server. That render farm of server is also called cloud render farm providing with cloud render service with 20000 processors break the image rendering jobs into small pieces distributed out to the server farm to get the final images for this movie. In this farm render capabilities to an average of 500000 jobs a day.

DreamWorks creates a large human driven system which is capable of generating the right images in the right scenes. DreamWorks also used new technology to create the effects of terrain, the explosions, the feeling of volcanic eruption at a very high resolution and sound of the movie. 140000 individual computer generated frames used to construct this movie. Each frames passed through a dozen departments to get the visual results as it wanted. DreamWorks uses cloud computing to bring the processing power for creating images. To make realistic feelings in the viewers mind there is data and mathematics processed across thousands of individual computers. 

The Croods is the first animated feature hit of the year for its perfect production technology. The Croods has all the latest feature and technology that every viewer enjoys this new era of film industry. 

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