Monday, 26 August 2013

3D Film Needs to be Artistic, Maya rendering Ensures Its Quality

The ancient Chinese saying: “You can't have your cake and eat it too” also works to the business interest and artistic works in the film and television industry. Many filmmakers have even paid lifetime energy in order to obtain both of them simultaneously. In recent years, the frequency of such films has fallen sharply; Ang Lee's "Life of Pie" is even scarcer. "Life of Pie", which has won four Academy Awards and obtained box office revenues up to $ 600 million at the global, is a successful story with the blend of commerce and art taking four-year of time and effort of Lee and his team. 3D movies need technical support such as 3dsmax rendering technology of some render farms which protects the quality of the movie to be artistic.

Technically, compared with 2D movies, the audiences require higher standard for the quality of 3D movies. Thus, a lot of producers rarely selected artistic themes in order to avoid pressure on the box office. Many international 3D technologies, including 3D conversion technology, are very mature or closer to maturity, but China's 3D technology still has a long way to go. The Chinese film market, though of great potential, remains to overcome artistic and technical obstacles especially in the local film industry.

 In art, the Hollywood's top three film company Fox · Ke Songde also believes that “ Young School” can achieve such amazing achievements abroad, I think it is because audiences around the world are eager to see more artistic films. Overall, the United States is a very young country, but other countries outside the United States have longer histories with their own myths and stories which can provide creative inspirations. They also desire to see more content in the story".

If we want to handle both artistic and box office, a good story and advanced technical level like maya rendering are the two key factors determining successful commercial film.
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