Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Great Render Farm shouldn’t Be Limited by Region

It should be the obligation of every renderfarm to break through the geographical limitations.

From the very beginning, let’s have a glance at the development of the whole CG industry. With the long-run development, CG industry has been segmented into distinguished fields from the single industry, which includes movie production, special-effect production, architectural vision, next-generation games, advertising and industrial design etc. Seemingly, these fields develop respectively without affecting each other, even there’re large differences in the forms of production. Yet, in fact, they still belong to CG industry. As a matter of fact, no matter is advertisement or movie, they are similar with each other, if we study them carefully, and then in the aspect of production, they are all original from the development of CG industry. Thus, no matter how industry segments, CG production technology pursuits for the unification of the whole industry. Under this trend, as one of the advanced forms of technology, render farm also needs to keep the same pace with unification. The unitary services of the render farms in one place haven’t already met customers’ requirements yet.

In addition, it can be showed the inevitability of unification from the characteristics of render farms. The power of render farms come from their own configurations and quantities of servers. Hence, the integration of resources is also necessary while expand the render farm, which eventually forms the render farm served for larger geographical scopes, even to the whole nation. And the support of cloud computing provides render farms with conditions for unification.

Fox Renderfarm with blender render farm, maya render farm, good render farm software, vray render farm and 3ds max render farm is on the target of serving for the global customers with rendering services. From now on, it has lain over the main cities of China in the aspect of cloud computing services, which makes it possible for customers to use cloud rendering anywhere. Recently, we also set up the Chengdu render farm office so that we can meet the requirements of customers in southwest areas in China. The purpose of talking about the Chengdu render farm office here is just to show that render farm should serve for all the production of CG industry to make good use of resources utmost rather than be limited by geography.

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