Monday, 5 August 2013

New 3D Computer Animated Adventures Sports Comedy “PLANES”

Following the success of CARS, Walt Disney Pictures has announced a new 3D computer animated adventure sports comedy film PLANES produced by Traci Balthazor-Flynn. It will be the 1st animated feature by DisneyToon Studios, directed by Klay Hall, screenplay by Jeffrey M. Howard and voices of Dane Cook as Dusty Crophopper, the main protagonist, Stacy Keach as Skipper Riley and Priyanka Chopra as Ishani. The story of the film starting as a small-town cropdusting plane(Dusty Crophopper) who dreams of competing as a high flying air racer but he faces two problems that he isn’t built for racing and afraid of heights.
At the beginning, Disney is planning Cars direct- to- DVD spinoff which is called Planes. But now Disney has officially announced that Planes will be 3D animated movie.  Disney always tries to do something different from others. According to this theme Disney team will present a new look and creation in this film. For the planes themselves, Lasseter visited the design studios of the Big three Detroit automakers to learn how real planes designed. Most anthropomorphic planes, the eyes of the planes in this film are placed on the windshield rather than within the glass. According to production designer Bob Pauley that Lasseter have it on his mind from the beginning of the project to set the eye in the windshield. For that it separate the characters from the more common approach where they have little cartoon eyes. On the other sides, having eyes down near the mouth at the middle of the planes looks more human-like and made it feel like the whole plane can be involved in the animation of the character. The characters also use their tires as hands and feet smoothly. As the development of the film using computers are very fast. That’s why, the animators is using computer to build the planes very much realistic.
Some techniques and tools which are required to make a film good quality and DisneyToon Studios have done it successfully. To make a 3D animated movie, the animators always try to create a movement that mimicked the soft fluidity of the hand drawn art. Following the successful installment of cars, Disney team has now done this movement by combining CGI with the traditional hand drawn style. Through CGI technology animating the movement of the planes look like human tuned out to be a challenge for animators.
For making the film look like more realistic the 3D team used an aesthetic approach. Now they use a technique which is called multi rigging that made up by multiple pairs of visual cameras. By this technique each pair is used individually on each separate element that adds depth to background scene, foreground scene and characters without adjusting the relation with the other pairs. Sandwiching together it create an appealing look to the movie which is visually impossible in the real world. In this film Disney team will create a new era of animation in the animated world which will bring them a massive success.
It will be a great news and entertainment for the animation movie lovers. Now every people enjoy watching 3D animated movies like this movie. It will be an option for them to get refreshment and adventure. Large number of leading render farm will give a big hand to make this movie.

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