Thursday, 15 August 2013

A technology Peep in – Riddick

The Science and Fiction movies are now in rapid making. These movies now are made as sequel of their predecessor. Many movies are in pipeline which is scheduled to release in September or October of 2013. One such movie is the Riddick. Now let’s have a glance at the plot and production with the help of renderfarm of this movie.
Riddick: Rule the dark is the third film in the archives of Riddick. Vin Diesel reprises the lead role in the movie and joins Director David Twohy in his highly predictable movie Riddick. In this movie the lead character is shown left dying on a desert planet where he is fighting for his life against alien predators that are far more glutinous than any human he has even faced. Director David again proved his mind designs with fantastical worlds. Some promenade shots of the movie are revealed where the Lord Marshal (Colm Feore) passes the boulevard of spaceships. These were obviously no ordinary spaceships they revealed faces when their leader walked by their side. These were shown like warriors who were bowing down to their leader. There texture maintained the dark, sinister feel; they were given iridescent colours and a very special steel look.  The environment in which this shot was taken was set so that it talks about the dawn of something bad or evil.

The green screen environment had tracking markers which were later used to track the computer animated ships into the shot, this was done using Ras track Software. The whole animation in the movie was done using Maya running on Linux-based computers. Hammerhead used the routine animation capabilities of Maya to produce an anti-gravity effect on the ships. Effects animator Brian Lutge made use of a particle system approach to generate the effects of a bunch of string hanging behind the ship. These strings were made out of small tiny dots that were actually pulling into the ship to get the inward sucking result and were logically waving behind it. Distortion field and motion noise patters were provided to give this atmosphere a bit more dense effect.

The most challenging part of the production was the complex lightning required by the director on the shops. He wanted to portray saturated colours. The contemplative quality of the surface took on the environment and the rainbow colours helped them give scale to it. Hammerhead designed the texture such that some areas would take additional map that represent these additional colours. The gunmetal looking surface was created using Pixar’s MTOR and RenderMan Software using custom shades for conceiving look.

Final touch was hand tweaked using Hamerheads Roto Software which was very effecting to do some additional mattes and for cleaning up the green screen footage. Overall a very impressive movie, with beautiful effects specially the one where we can see the spaceships with faces. It is surely to be liked by many fans. This will not be a disappointment to anyone.
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