Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Books Converted into Movie: City of Bones

Story books are all we know since our childhood. I still remember how I used to get fascinated to have a new story book and when that book comes live in movies that used to become my most favourite movie. But unlike those times when movie used to be just simple movie, now everything is 3D. Science and Fiction is the need of the hour. Many directors have their latest releases converted from book to movie. Some do sequels of the same. One of those is the “The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones”. Also, this article will talk something about the relationship between render farms and 3D movies production.
This movie is about a girl who goes to a club and is able to see a murder in the club. This is seen by only this girl and her friend. Then she discovers her mother is missing or kidnapped and then she finds out about the super power her posses with the help of her friend. This story is about Shadow hunters who are warriors who are assigned the duty of ridding the earth of demons.

In the production every bit of the movie was developed into a real physical set and the movie was done in camera without any visual effects in the beginning. Later visual effects were added. The whole set was done giving attention to minute detailing. The visual effects in this case look very real because the maximum movie was done in camera with practically big buildings and other sets.  The library and Clary’s buildings were developed as though they were real. The City of Bones underground city set had thousands of model skulls from different ages. This movies original set up was at Warner Bros. but then it was shifted to Sony.

This movie has amazing scenes like the young girl who is in the lead role is seen flying over New York city, the Simon turns into a rat or a vampire bikes,  there are many amazing carriages that are shown used to ride them where ever they wanted to go. There is too much of CG effect in the movie. There were many software’s used in the making of City of Bones. This is already ready with its sequel with more reality setting and more Visual effects.  Though it has a lot of Visual Effect the director feels that when you see the movie you will have a real feeling rather than any animated movie feeling.

The critics who have gone through the trailer say that this movie is very different from other book converted movies like Harry Potter. In this movie you can have the feeling of real world beyond our world. This movie is worthy of watching, especially for young adults who see some fascination for a women lead actor in the role.

In effect, the production of the movies like this movie is very complicated and cannot apart from the help of render farm. While, Fox Renderfarm with blenderrender farm, maya render farm, good render farm software, vray render farm and 3ds max render farm is a online rendering service provider, can make visual effects like this.

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