Thursday, 1 August 2013

Percy Jackson and Computer Generated Imagery Monsters

The journey of Greek mythological hero Percy Jackson and his friends started on big screen from the moment Poseidon came out from the Atlantic on a stormy day and met with mighty God Zeus.  The movie was based on the famous journey of demigod Percy, son of Poseidon. In that movie he found himself having problems like dyslexia. But there were some bigger problems awaiting for him. When his uncle Zeus believed he had stolen his (Zeus’s) lightning bolt and Hades kidnapped his mother to get that bolt, he started his journey towards Mount Olympus to save his mother. The movie is full of mythological characters as well as mythological creatures like Centaur, Medusa, Minotaur, Satyrs and many others.
Sequel of Perce Jackson:
For loyal fans of Percy and Greek mythology, the wait for another thrilling adventure is almost over. The sequel “Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters is waiting for a grand opening in less than a month.  The demigod Percy is back and gathers his friends to go on yet another exciting adventure to the Sea of Monsters. In this sequel, someone poisoned the tree that protects the camp and all of the demigods fall into a great danger of monsters’ attack. So they need to go in the Sea of Monsters also known as Bermuda Triangle in order to revive the tree and ensure the camp’s safety. The sequel is made after three years because the previous one did just well enough to inspire for another.
Mythological creatures and computer-generated imagery:
As it is mythology based film, it is the role of production team to make alive the creatures and make the adventure more exciting than the previous one. The first trailer has already messaged to the audience that they can fulfil that expectations.
The new international trailer exposes massive fantasy spectacle with mystical creatures and suggests that the producer and his entire visual effects team make an ambitious effort. At first the Golden Fleece looks like a piece of carpet but when the flashy visual effects try to throw the color in our eyes with some glowing fire stuff, it shows the real beauty of visual effects. The sword that Percy holds up at the first part of the promo has some of the most obvious visual effects you have ever seen. And the glass shattering in a nice convenient arc pattern and a mechanical bull running towards screens are the excellent show of 3D rendering.
The rendering team shows their extraordinary skills to make realistic fire, water, sea storm and the perfect view of Bermuda Triangle. There might have some criticism awaiting for them. The rendering of Cyclops could be better because, it looks like a man with Halloween mask. But, the scene when Percy throws his pen as it transforms into a sword is obviously meant for perfect 3D rendering.
As the cast of this film is not as strong as the other kids’ adventure film, the visual effects can be the most attractive part. So, the sequel may not be memorable, but it could do a tremendous job of visualizing mythology to young generations.
Nowadays, 3D movies  aren’t the most fresh things for us but one of the most attractive things for us. We are also interested in the productions of these movies when we are enjoying them. Of course, the production of these movies cann’t aparty from the contribution made by render farm, which helps us realize our dream to some extent. I believe that the audience can enjoy much more excellent 3D movies with the development of render farms in the future.

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