Thursday, 22 August 2013

Movies with Visual Effects are most preferred.

The entertainment industry is on its way of changing the viewer’s preference from pure romance to science and friction and comedy. If checked the top list of movie selection, you will be surprised to see our viewer’s prefer Science and Friction over anything else. The competition and expertise in this industry is growing its demand in terms of technological advancement and Visual Effects with the help of render farms. The more visually complicated it looks the more it is being liked. 
Like for example our newly released movie “Iron Man Three”. The name itself has a typical style; in place of numerical 3 they say it’s THREE. It’s a great try by the brand manager to make sure the name stands out and surely it does. This movie is an American Superhero movie which takes its main character from one of the magazine; the character is named Iron Man. This movie is supported and distributed by our very own Wall Disney studios who have their great contribution to the Visual Effects industry per say. 

This movie is the sequel to Iron Man and Iron Man 2. After the grand success of both the movies, director Shane Black directed this movie. Iron Man 3’s shooting stated as early as May 2012. This movie was shot in North Carolina and some parts of Florida, China and Los Angeles. It was initially a normal movie which was later converted to 3D post production.
This movie showcased one of the best visual effects on screen.  This movie was awarded many stars by the movie critics. In the interview many movie critics have said that this movie has done wonderfully good in terms of visual effects and director Shane Black has done real justice to the whole story concept. It was very visually appealing especially with the dynamic and super fast effects which added many starts to the whole story. No wonder when said that the movies visual effects were handled by more than 17 companies. 

Iron Man’s visual effects have always been one of the coolest on the screen. They seem to be so unrealistic but still so believable. Especially for a Science and Friction movie the way things pop up and the way the masks cover over the face seems so fantastic. The effects provided in the movie to the character Iron Man when he sees from inside his helmet environment and his armed suits; his physical health condition his weapons and sends out essential data to the concerned puts a very strong emphasis on how High Tech Environment works. It is even said that, the high tech suit that he is wearing is specially designed to feature all these great features inside it. Just not this, the latest technologies used in this movie are very close to reality, if not tomorrow we are sure to see them in the coming decade. In one of the interview it is also heard that the future extremis technology that hacks the human body as shown in Iron Man 3 will be applied in real in the coming years. Soon the smart phone will be with super powers. In a university this technology is already in progress, they have developed a microchip that can see through walls, woods, plastic and paper.  

These are efforts put by many high tech engineers who work day and night to develop such great applications. Just as the company FOX Renderfarm does. Fox Renderfarm with blender render farm, maya render farm, good render farm software, vray render farm and 3ds max render farm is one of the leading online render farm service providers. It is based on cloud-computing technology and built to render computer-generated imagery (CGI), especially for film and animation visual effects. The application area can be VFX, CG animation, advertising, architectural design, industrial design, etc. To know more about this company please visit

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