Monday, 26 August 2013

Real-time Facial Motion Capture Technology: Faceware Live

The congress of Siggraph in 2013 has been hold for some time. While before the congress of Siggraph in 2013, the media was always announce some upcoming new technologies of computer graphics industry. As one of the members in CG industry, Fox Renderfarm with blender render farm, maya render farm, good render farm software, vray render farm and 3ds max render farm is also interested in the new technologies. I guess you are also interested in these new technologies. And real-time facial motion capture technology - Faceware Live is one of them. Now, I will share something about it here to you.

Since the release of the “Avatar”, the relevant domestic and foreign media and the industry were done a lot of in-depth research and analysis of motion capture technology, even an averaged movie fan would be interested in the presence of CG technology. Motion capture technology plays a huge role in TV animation, the next generation of games and so forth, and it not only access to technical people of all ages, but also gives the audience an unprecedented visual experience. Faceware Live differs from the inertial motion capture, while now the technical persons of Faceware Live brought us a new classification. As a real-time technique, Faceware Live can capture any facial movements of characters from any type of video data and then converted them to the real-time 3D characters.

When makers who do need to use the onboard computer video or webcam, Faceware Live is able to capture the actor's own facial movements, and transfers it to the MotionBuilder in Autodesk. After quick click proofreading, Faceware Live will be able to deal directly, thus forming any kind of 3D models. If the actor embodies a smile face, then the corresponding 3D models will produce this action, and this process is in real time. Currently, this technology supports Windows systems and will continue to support more products of Autodesk, operating system and game engine technology in the future.

Faceware have seen a lot of demands of industries for real-time facial motion capture, Faceware Live is a revolutionary innovation to meet this demand. Its main features are as follows:

· Live preview - directors, actors and creative directors can see the modeling effects of face captured on the scene that they can immediately understand relevant information so as to implement appropriate measures and steps. And, the movements captured by Faceware Live are very accurate, including the eyes and other details of the site of the action, the effect can be described as alarming.

· Vivid interactive experience – Directors, Actors and innovative supervisors can also experience the modeling effects captured by Faceware Live on air, so they can know the relevant news that can make the new and appropriate measures related to the technology.
The role of digital technology can be produced with the real actors are more vivid interaction, can be used for more occasions, including radio and television, corporate events and exhibitions.

· Desktop authoring tools - designers can quickly create your own workstation model, creating digital works.

Faceware Live consists of two simple parts: image processing and data transmission. In real-time process, Faceware Live video will be read from the selected information to any frame rate operation, track and analyze the value of the facial expression, and then receives the Autodesk MotionBuilder these animated values, according to the information required to build mode.

Now, Faceware Live has been on live for some time since the 25th meeting of the General Assembly on the Siggraph exhibition hold on July 23, 2013.

More information on new technologies, our render farm with 2000 render nodes will continue to focus on sharing this with you.

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