Friday, 2 August 2013


Science fiction movie production parallels that of the motion picture industry as a whole. Enhancing the illusion of depth perception of a motion picture is known as three-dimensional film as well as 3D film which are produced by 3D film production. . Computer generated film industry known as CG film industry also establishes a better place in the movie world today.
In early 1900s, science fiction films appeared as a short film, typically 1 to 2 minute duration and shot in either black and white or color. In 1930s to 1950s, the decade saw the rise of the science fiction films successfully through the movie world. In 1982, Disney’s “Tron” had a unique visual style and being one of the first major studio films to use extensive computer graphics. Following the decades, the audience saw the growth of animation as a medium for science fiction films. In the last decades, computers played an increasingly important role in both addition of special effects and the production films. So, large number of render farms made of many computers in a cluster which were used to detail the image based on three- dimensional models known as 3D movies.
In order to see from two perspectives a regular motion picture camera system that is used to record the images. Though 3D films are not limited to feature film theoretical releases, it also have television broadcasts and direct to video films have also incorporated similar methods formerly in 3D television and Blu-ray 3D. 3D films have existed normally since 1915 but largely relegated to a niche in the motion picture industry because of the costly hardware and process to produce and display. But through the last decades, 3D films production has spread through the world successfully and taking a major place in the box office. With the help of render farm, today 3D film industry has established a better place and a better opportunity for the audience to get a great entertainment.
A highly performable computer system by a computer cluster that is used to build render computer- generated imagery (CGI), typically for film and television visual effects is known as Render farms. Now in science fiction/ 3D/ CG movie production, rendering farm is contributed largely. Advances in computer power and the increased computation is instead used to meet demand to achieve state of the art image quality. Through this type of technology movie production can release number of big budgets movies which can bring a large number of audience to the theaters and bring them a massive success.
So in this modern world every people want to see high tech graphics. Sci-fi movie production/ 3D/CG need technology and some leading render service providers are there for it to create the sci-fi movie world.

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