Thursday, 22 August 2013

In the space – Gravity

As children or young adults, we always tend to look up and think how it will be beyond this planet earth. To break open our illusions and free our mind director Alfonso Cuaron brings to us a very thrilling and high tech movie “Gravity”. This is an upcoming Science and Fiction movie scheduled to release in the month of October 2013.

It is said and believed that when in space no one can hear you even if you scream to you maximum strength. But what if you can be heard screaming but there is no one to help you? Far away from earth there is no space for any errors, but what when tragedy hits? This is what is shown in “Gravity”. This movie is about two astronauts who are in their space mission when tragedy hits them and unfortunately their space shuttle gets destroyed. They are left entirely alone in the space tethered to each other and spiralling in absolute darkness. They have lost all the contacts with earth and have nil chance of rescue. They both are completely panicked and as time passes every bit of air eats’ away the left over oxygen that is with them. They only way left for them to go back home is to go further into the petrifying expansion of space. 

It is said that this movie has total 156 shots in its 2 hour run time. There are many shots that are of length 6, 8 or 10 min long. In some of the shots, there isn’t much involvement of camera movement.  The films design and long shots came from the initial planning of the movie shooting. The movie was initially planned to be shot using reverse engineering i.e. a live action movie from an animated movie. So the initial thought was to first create an animated movie and then backward engineer people into the movie or even just people faces into the little helmets in the movie. But since the director was very keen on long shots this was not possible. Since it’s mostly in the space, the environment was low it, it was a challenge for the graphics team to show the background clearly in low lit environment. The team used F65 to solve this problem, which proved to be very useful in showcasing such situations. In order to screen up all the surfaces, the team used camera projection from a multi camera shoot. 

Movie critics believe that this movie will be a hit in the theatres. Especially the 3D effects that are shown are more than believable. As per the latest trailers released, the movie seems to already have many audiences waiting to feel the thrill in the space. This movie seems to have won many hearts, no wonder all credits goes to the amazing team who put the right technology behind every scene. Definitely a worth watch.  Usually, a good 3D movie production cannot apart from the help of render farm.

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