Thursday, 22 August 2013

CG and Entertainment: Go Hand in Hand!

In today’s world CG is very important, be it movie or a normal commercial advertisement. The fact that it takes you into a colourful and fantasy world makes it more lively and enjoying. When we say CG it is a very vast industry. Every day in and out there are multiple updates happening in this space? This is the most happening and on demand industry. The amount of work happening in movies in this space is enormous, due to this there is a very high requirement of CG engineers who can take care of the tremendous work flow in this industry. Unlike earlier now the demand for perfection is also increased with multiple frames and multiple set up’s the work is more into detailing of each and every step while developing any clip. It is a perfectionist who can achieve the required result.
As per the latest report, it is observed that this CG industry is growing at the rate of 7% annually. Which is very rapid and there is very strong demand in Science and Entertainment industry. Now experts are working on tools that will be so efficient that they will be able to transfer any given visual to digital input.

CG as seen providing special effects with the help of renderfarm in the movies, TV commercials, Computer Games, Advertising and Product Design is a perfect blend of Software with the right hardware. Sophisticated software’s have successfully subjugated latest development in the multi-core processors in the form of x86 CPUs and parallel graphic processing units. From 3D CAD models to special effects like hair and smoke or any practical accurate image developed by ray-tracing, CG has come to saturate all aspects of our lives and surroundings. Similarly it would be wrong to say that CG is a simple thing – No – it isn’t. It is not like any nut or bolt, rather it’s a tool kit which is just not the developer but also the end result.

Like said, it’s just not one place where it affects or has influence in our lives. It is in many more aspects that CG brings in a positive mood change in our lives. Today, we can see CG everywhere. Just not the Science and Fiction movies but also in our day to day life, in the normal TV commercial which we see every day there is a big contribution of CG. If you take a simple example; for Indian market, there are commercials like Nestea Ice Tea, the whole commercial is made in CG which is complimented with amazing and favourite industry songs. This commercial is seen and loved by one and all. The work behind this is amazing. Hats off to the experts who keeps us entertained like this always! As one of field of CG industry, Fox Renderfarm with blender render farm, maya render farm, good render farm software, vray renderfarm and 3ds max render farm is greatly supportive in the development of CG industry and will try its best to make contributions to CG industry and the multitude.

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