Monday, 12 August 2013

Poverty, Health care to replace Racism – An insight “Elysium”

Say a fantasy or a reality in both the cases Science and Fiction movies are rated top class and most preferred today by all generations. Now the directors also focus on some high technology support to give their mission a life.  Actually, a good online render farm-the rendering services provider is good for the production of the movies like this movie.
The latest movies in the pipeline are so amazing that as per reviews you actually wish all these shown comes true immediately, for e.g. like in the movie Elysium. This movie shows life on Earth and then life on the luxurious space.  This is an upcoming American movie which is scheduled to release this month (August).  This movie deals with different issues like the Political issue or the Sociological themes like healthcare, immigration etc... The superficial bionics of this movie is captivating. This movie shows that the people who live in Elysium (space habitat) have eliminated the sad things of life like poverty, illness, war and death. But on the contrary the people who remain at Earth have all these aliments. This movie showcases life 150 years from now, where the rich (very wealthy) will be privileged to live in the high class life at Elysium where as the poor will be left on Earth. At Elysium which is the high-tech, high-class and very advanced station, people will have access to private medical machines which will offer instant cure to all the problems. While everyone else who lives below will be full of disease and overpopulation, they will be living in misery in overcrowded and bankrupt Earth.  They show that Los Angeles will be the third largest slum in the world. In this movie they show that those who live in Elysium make sure that they have a very strict anti immigration laws and they do not mind destroying the ships who attempt to reach there. Their major concern is citizen’s lifestyle and safety at the station. 

Elysium is one of the best Science and Fiction movies. The technology used in this makes you believe every part of the movie to be as good as true. Director Neill has again used his think-out-of-the-box ideas to showcase the best technologies in their best form. He used Weta Workshop and Image Engine to bring out the commendable Visual Effect. He made his demon scary by using the Matt finish so that the demon gets both the humanistic and cruel features. He used Weta Digital Plus to create all the visual effects in the movie. He used Zoic Studio for the 2D effects required to show Exo-Suit and little pets. Also, he used MXFX for the live effect for on studio work. The whole environment was done using Canon EOS 5D. 

As per the review received, critics say that director Neill Blomkamp has made a smart and very entertaining come back with his movie Elysium. This movie is the best example of the latest Science and Fiction movies. This movie replaces the issue of racism with concerns regarding over population, poverty and health care. This is a very dramatic and jaw dropping entertainment. This movie will be a worth watch. Hence, I guess a good render farm or blender render farm may have made some contributions to the 3D technology.

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