Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Renderings works: One Thousand Museum Tower

I guess lots of you may have had a good knowledge of renderings or also have read some of them. Have they hit you with some inspirations from design and production or not? Today, I will show you one design project entitled One Thousand Museum Tower of Zaha Hadid Architects in Miami, America. Recently, Zaha Hadid Architects showed some renderings of this project. This 215 meters high tower is the first skyscraper designed by Zaha Hadid in western hemisphere. It doesn’t matter whether you have a good knowledge of renderfarm or not, I will show the miracle of renderings.

Regarding to the design theory, as Hadid described to the Wall Street Journal, the tower is designed with an interest in “how the structure is manifested” so that it may avoid “Generic modern typology” that is commonly found in Miami. One Thousand Museum Tower is the most concerned architecture in Miami, which locates in the high-end luxury beachfront building site and also can affect largely the trend of the investment of real estate. This tower consists of private apartments in the size from 502 square meters to 1022 square meter and these apartments are equipped with private elevators, multi-media rooms and libraries. Each unit in this design costs 15 million dollars. Community facilities also contains a helipad, a deck and multiple pools, locker rooms and a rooftop event space, a cigar terrace, sun deck, and a billiards rooms, fitness centers and a screen room.

The rentable space in the first floor will be used to recruit top-level retailers and high-end food businesses. Residents can go to an open hall through a small entryway. Although the color scheme of the buildings are largely neutral, their plan is to focus on the interior of the architecture. In the base of the architecture, the platform will be served as a community space, and then the whole tower will show us a water-centered view of the pond and sauna room.

In the roof of the building, private items such as helicopter landing sites, swimming pool, lounge, pond and sun deck, other infrastructure as well and a large space and dining area, which will be segmented into a series of interactive space. It forms a strong comparison between the exquisite interior and the simple and transparent exterior of the building; the distance from the walls to the platform and balconies, the exterior of the building forms subtle curves, a large perforated metal plate handover visually unify the design of the building.

These renderings can show us the key elements of designing.
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