Monday, 26 August 2013

Advertising effects: crazy, brilliant and creative expression

Advertising is also one of the important members in CG industry. It seems that advertising is mentioned little in our life, which does not mean that it is in the low status. In fact, the ads in CG technology aren’t inferior to movies and televisions production, animation and other fields. Relatively, advertising production and its shooting rely much more on creativity, which means it can be a realistic story, or it can be abstract montage. The contents within just tens of seconds can convey the client's marketing sense to the audience, and all this cannot be apart from the use of CG technology, including the render farm or cloud render.

Now, among the advertising creativities, the increasing of effects production gradually become prevailing, while the entirely realistic shooting advertising works almost disappeared, and thus the CG technology plays a more important role in this field. There are many CG elements included in the advertising works we have seen, while the visual experience they give us is more real than the movie special effects. For example, early in 2013, a creative advertising caused a sensation worldwide, which perfectly realized the "resurrection" of Audrey Hepburn using the creative advertising techniques of the CG technology, thus once again the magic special effects of CG technology enraptured by people.

Recently, a creative advertising entitled Tata (Tata) Nano also showed the very good special effects production. This advertising started with some women dressed in color watching the various Tata Nano cars by the taxies on the road; the driver parked the car and slowly formed a flash team. Ugesh Sarcar transferred a small Tata Nano car modeling into a life-size car through CG technology. People gradually come closer to the car and constantly changed car’s color. The whole ad was in sprightly rhythm and colorful, which also expressed the concept of the automotive advertising in a flawlessly smooth and natural way through the special effects technology.

Around us, there’re some other advertisings like this produced through the CG effects technology as well. I believe the future advertising works will also become much more fascinating with the development and creativity of technology, including the improvement of the rendering server performance improvement. Fox Renderfarm with blenderrender farm, maya render farm, good render farm software, vray render farm and 3ds max render farm will focus on sharing the new technologies in CG industry with you.

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