Thursday, 29 August 2013

Mr Hublot and Its Cooperative Rendering Partner——Fox Renderfarm

"Mr Hublot" is a short animated movie according to Stephane Halleux’s work and directed by Laurent Witz & Alexandre Espigares of Zeilt Productions, Luxembourg.

The leading character Mr Hublot is an old and conservative bachelor with different obsessions who lives in a bizarre and crowded world full of patched mechanical characters and oversized vehicles. Living in an ancient, dirty but well-decorated apartment, Mr Hublot leads a structured and ordered life with passion in plants mechanics and his robot dog pet. A brown leather raincoat and indispensible brief case are what he looks like for the most of the time,” as introduced by Stephane Halleux. To deal with his resentment and anxieties to the expectancies and uncertainties of the outside world, he chooses to stay at home for good and never step out. His weird personality turns even the most ordinary things entertaining and amusing. Things changed with the arrival of his dog robot pet which shakes up his previous living style and habits, so Mr Hublot has to leave his apartment and starts to see the world outside again.

This short animation won Grand Prix S3D Seine-Saint-Denis award in Dimension 3 Festival held at the Docks De Paris in La-Plaine-Saint-Denis from 18 - 21 June and the title of Best of Show in Best Shorts Competition respectively.

As its cooperative rendering partner, Fox Renderfarm will also spare every effort to support the production of more 3D movies and animations with its worldwide advanced techniques supported by at least 2000 nodes and 24*7 professional renderservice.

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