Sunday, 4 August 2013


Sandra Bullock, the film star starring as a medical engineer Dr. Ryan Stone who is commanding his first mission called as Space Shuttle with another astronaut George Clooney as Matt Kowalsky. On the way of his mission, the space shuttle found a crashed satellite known as Explorer. So, they leave it and stand in space with limited air. In this way, the story of “Gravity” is continuing which is directed by Alfonso Cuaron and distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures. The all responsibility of making visual effects of the movie rested upon the cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki collaborates with the Heyday film studio to make notable effects of Gravity.
It is an another production of Alfonso Cuaron along with the Heyday films studio after making the most successful Harry potter series. The futuristic setting of course that required extensive CG creation, Emmanuel Lubezki pushed as many scenes as possible to see the sky tower in camera which is needed to be realized. In lowlit scene, the place where Dr. Ryan meets with Matt, Lubezki used F65 to prove incredibly useful to show the reflection of the glasses which will be a thought of post production by the audience. But Lubezki assure that it will be real.
 Emmanuel Lubezki and his team are working hand-in-hand with the art department in image assets in order to make some scenes into 3D. According to his saying, finally they touch around 30 scenes in the film for previs and the majority of scenes in the film for postvis. For techvis, they help in two major areas, on is for programming which is used for simulates the Space Shuttle and the other is for projecting the backgrounds onto screen to make digital backgrounds through camera.
A significant portion of the film takes place inside the Space Shuttle Explorer where Dr. Ryan and Matt communicate with the Earth. As the Explorer rose to the level of the clouds, it is a major challenge arose of just how to film scenes without every shot requiring bluescreen. But Lubezki and Alfonso assure that they use camera projections from a multi-cam shoot which will put a process to screen up all the surfaces. In order to clean up some edge and additional CG elements like Explorer destroyed, Lubezki us 13K wide and 2K high images that is running as 20 minutes clips.
For making this type of ambitious movie, there is some ambitious technology must required. Alfonso Cuaron and Emmanuel Lubezki assure that “Gravity” will deliver the effects cutting edge technology on the screen. In this Third generation, people like to watch 3D movie based on space station. Gravity will give them that kind of pleasure what they are waiting for and large render farm will give a big hand to the movie production.

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