Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Movie production and Rendering

Science fiction movie production parallels that of the motion picture industry totally. Although it took quite a lot of decades before genre was taken seriously. Major science fiction films have succeeded from 1960s in pulling in large audience shares and movies of this genre have become a regular staple of the film industry. Now, science fiction films have led the way in special effects technology and also used as a vehicle for social commentary.
In early 1900s, science fiction films appeared as a silent film era.  At the initial attempts were short films of typically 1 to 2 minutes in duration and shot in black and white, sometimes with color tinting. These usually had a technological theme. In 1902, Georges Melies created “Le Voyage dans la Luna” which was considered as first science fiction film. Then in 1916, “20,000 Leagues under the Sea” was the first feature- length science fiction films. In 1920s, “The Lost World” was one of the earliest examples of stop motion animation and also introduced several now- famous science fiction concepts like monsters, dinosaurs and hidden worlds.
In 1979, Walt Disney Productions’ venture into the science fiction genre with “The Black Hole” which was poorly received but praised highly for its special effects.” In 1982, Disney’s “Tron” had a unique visual style and being one of the first major studio films to use extensive computer graphics. Later the decades saw the growth of animation as a medium for science fiction films. As the decades progressed, computers played an increasingly important role in both addition of special effects and the production films. As a result, large render farms made of many computers in a cluster which were used to detail the image based on three- dimensional models known as 3D movies.
Render farm, which can also be rendered online, namely online render farm is known as a highly performable computer system by a computer cluster, built to render computer- generated imagery (CGI) , typically for film and television visual effects. Now in science fiction movie production, rendering farm is contributed largely. Over the decades, advances in computer power would allow an image to take less time to render. As a result, the increased computation is instead used to meet demand to achieve state of the art image quality. While simple image can be produced rapidly, more realistic and complicated higher – resolution images can now be produced in more reasonable time. The time used up producing images can be reduced by production time-lines and deadlines and the desire to create high-quality work drives the need for increased computing power.
So in this modern world every people want to see high tech graphics. Sci-fi movie production need technology and some leading render service providers are there for it to create the sci-fi movie world.  

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