Wednesday, 31 July 2013

3D Render Server can easily achieve 75 Million Hours for Rendering Projects

People who can make roundabout go straight are smart people, because they find a shortcut. For rendering projects, three-dimensional rendering server is undoubtedly one of the shortcuts to seek. Sometimes we spend much more time waiting can not save rendering time and the truth that no matter how much time you spend, the more achievements you will gain may not apply for rendering, and we all know that the more three-dimensional rendering servers we have, the stronger the configure is, the less time we spend.

Render can’t be apart from server, which is true for small projects, even is far more demanded for big projects. Recently, the render time of "Turbo” which is produced by DreamWorks achieve as high as 75 million hours. Just imagine that how long the audience will have to wait to see the film on the screen if there is no support of render server?

Do not be scared by such figures, as the number of vehicles and characters of "Turbo" is very large, which needed to be rendered is not only the pictures in large size, but also the quality must meet the requirements of large areas of production, so it is not surprising that the rendered time reaches 75 million hours, which is very normal for animation production in Hollywood. But we all know that the number of 3D render server is not a problem for Dream Works since it is such a competitive company. And these equipments allow Dream Works to render 500.000 jobs every day and that is how a huge project is being done.

Many individuals who are interested in the render farm will often try to build a render farm. They often ask a question that what kind of server is the best and how many numbers of servers is appropriate? In fact, from my perspective, I think that should be decided by their economic power and realistic needs. Of course, if your financial resources are enough to support you to buy more render servers which your projects need and will not be idle after buying them, the more render servers the more time you will save for your project. By that time, render time will no longer be a problem.

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