Monday, 22 July 2013

Oblivion- Another CGI Technological Advancement

The proliferation of computer graphic software has made it possible for a lot of mind-blowing movies to be created. Take for instance, the effects created in the latest Tom Cruise’s movie, Oblivion.  This is one of the movies that have taken CGI to another level with the use of cameras.  We are aware that most of the imaginary or fantastical make believe worlds are created in post production, which means that the science/fiction interfaces are added after filming in a lot of movies.
Even though the computer graphics makes it possible for scenes that may be impossible to shoot, there is another method of doing. This is what Oblivion has helped us understand better with the effects created by its director Joseph Kolinsky. The effects that were created in the movie were not exclusively in the Sony F65; however they help in adding to the visual integrity to Oblivion aesthetic.
  The elimination of blue screens gave the movie an amazing appearance. The use of clouds in the building of some scenes was done with the latest technology. The use of blue screens had a lot to do with the production of the design set yet, every glass was taken out and matte surfaces were used. The use of glass things could get things shiny which was eliminated though, it was an expensive production but it was worth it.

The shooting was done in 4K and the DI was created in 2K and it was captured in Sony’s 4K RAW format.  This was done to give a lot of stabilization and for the final render; speed was the reason for it. The movie made use of a 500 foot wide and 42 foot high screen with 21 projectors. This gave the movie a factual time 15K motion picture front projection. The landscape of Iceland made the shooting of the movie more interesting. This is because the computer generated game grid was not really applied because the landscape was perfect for CGI generation. Iceland suited the abandoned Earth that was needed in the movie, no little black sands, no trees and mosses seen clinging to the surfaces and little sun.

With the support of Claudio, the Director of Photography, who won an Oscar for Life of Pi, the shooting was done effortlessly with complex render farm technology. As one of the leading online render farms, Fox renderfarm is greatly supportive in the sci-fi movies production with many softwares related to rendering farm technology, and it is also a remote render service provider as well, that is to say, you can know the process of rendering what you want to as long as you are on internet. if you have any questions, pls do not hesitate to contact us.

This movie has really surpassed its expectation after release.  It has become one of the movies to look at when another CGI complex movie is ever thought about.

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