Monday, 8 July 2013

Ultra-fast Rendeing, Borned for Dreams

The animation production of Hollywood is always on the basis of the market demand and the need of audiences as well. Let’s take the exciting and admiring comedy “Turbo” as an example, which will be released at mid July. It combines the snail, a slow animal with RCG, which is inspiring for most of audiences. Hence, I am looking forward to this movie, which is another masterpiece of DreamWorks since the Croods.

The Tetris teach us a lesson that mistakes will accumulate, yet we can erase them as long as we take the right measures in time. The same rule can be applied for rendering, but the cost for mistakes in rendering is very high because we may need to restart for a tiny mistake, which drives most of producers crazy. The ultra-fast render farm is born with the growing expectation of producers. Where there is a demand there is a market. No matter the European render farm, the Asian render farm or the cloud render farm which provides global render service all emerge due to the urgent demand. Fox Renderfarm is fully understand the production situation of this industry and that is why users can get free rendering until the rendered result is correct if they got wrong rendered result due to Fox Renderfarm’s system’s fault.

Let’s come back to Turbo. If it wants to have a box office which can be compared with Croods’, I bet the team has to put the same efforts in rendering too. The rising of 3D brings promising prospect for render farm. Meanwhile, render farm also highly improve the visual effects of 3D works. These two are complementary to each other. Therefore, we may say render farm is also born for the dream of animation production. Render farm is an industry mainly based on the technology and service and it is also a film and television entertainment industry for the purpose of strengthening the visual effects.

When we are looking forward to a new film coming out to the big screen, we are also looking forward to the state of the art technology behind the scene. The overall industry will become better to better by the driven of related industries’ efforts.

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