Thursday, 25 July 2013

Past, Present and future Development of Computer Graphics

Before advancing in computer graphics the world of entertainment was not a very attractive area. The interpretation of data becomes easier for understanding of computer graphics technology. Different types of media such as transformed animation, gaming industry and movies maintain by the impact of computer graphics. Computer graphics was first used for developing games in 1960. Ivan Sutherland created computer drawing program known as sketchpad in 1961.sketchpad could was used to allow the creation of simple shapes on the computer screen, save them and view them later. In 1963 the first video game called space wars created by Steve Russell. In 1970 computer graphics made the move in full scale production like movies. Computer graphics were very slow but used in many movies for special effect like west world, future world, star wars etc. in 1982 3d graphics was first used in movie “TRON” .the movie was a flop but it was made bang on the movie makers with the potential of graphics.
In past days there is no use of computer in movies. Special effects depend on camera techniques or effects. For showing aliens plastic used that time instead of pixels animations ware created using paintbrushes and pencils. This time the biggest blockbusters such as matrix trilogy, avatar, Spiderman series and life of pie are possible for developing in computer graphics technology.
Before computer graphics used in movies special effects were limited to robotic creatures powered by hydraulic machines. Now a day there is no need of human replica and robots because using computer graphics rendering the scene is possible by skilled graphic designers with graphic work stations. The budget of movie was huge before using computer graphics because the expense to create models and other resources were huge. Computer graphics reduces the production cost by stopping that kind of invest. Movie makers could not use the physical models for second time that was a waste of money and resources. Now for computer graphics there is no need of physical model and there is no waste of money and resources. Computer graphics also saves time by eliminating the creation of physical models because the creation time of physical model was huge. After all by using computer graphics movie makers can get a perfect feedback in short time.
Latest movies like life of pie and avatar make a new standard for computer graphics. In 2012 there was a conference held for future computer graphics called 2012sigraph Asia conference. That conference focused on computer animation, time based arts and real-time graphics. One day computer graphics will get that kind of capacity when every special effect seems much real and exclusive from today.
Computer graphics makes a revolution in film and game industry. It saves time, money and resources with producing a great feedback. So we can say that it has a great opportunity in any digital industry for today and tomorrow.  As one of the leading online render farms, whicn is also called cloud render farm, Fox renderfarm is greatly supportive in CG technology with many types of software related to rendering. If you have any questions, you can contact us without any hesitations.

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