Monday, 22 July 2013

Harness The Power Of Cloud Rendering Using Fox Render Farm’s Impeccable Rendering Services

Fox Render Farm is one of the most prominent online render farms in the Computer Graphics industry. They have over 2,000 render nodes and offer an online web-based platform for users. As long as users have got access to the internet, irrespective of their location, they can enjoy non-stop 24/7 access to their rendering services.
Rendering tasks can be easily submitted to Fox’s system via several simple steps. Users would be able to monitor rendering progress at the control panel provided to the user’s system. There is no need for queuing and the final results would be presented to the users soon. Fox’s system is capable of rendering Ultra HD and HD animations.
When it comes to hardware specifications, currently Fox Render Farm has got close to 2,000 workstations and there would be more additions in the future. Each machine has got an Intel Xeon E5645 processor and an I7 3770K processor. The memory capacity is between 24GB and 64 GB for the Intel Xeon processor and 16 GB for the I7 3770K processor. The local network has a speed of 20 Gbps [Infiniband] and the OS used is Windows 7.
As far as software is concerned, Fox Render farm supports C4D, Blender, Softimage, Maya and 3ds Max. Render engines such as Final Render, Mental Ray, V-Ray and several others are supported.
The highlight of Fox Render farm’s service is their cloud rendering offering. Render farms are typically a system of interlinked computers which share their processing powers and memory to quickly and efficiently carry out the renderings of computer-generated imagery. Since the computer node used in the process is extremely advanced, perfect images can be created without a lot of manual intervention. Render farms are used by CG studios to chalk out graphical effects due to its efficiency. Conventional render farms are useful, no doubt. But, they come with their own form of limitations. Being huge systems, they need a lot of maintenance needs and space constraints too. The expenses associated with these could be an issue for smaller companies. A cloud render service is a system in which high performance features of a conventional render farm are offered. In addition to this, there are no problems which are present in a conventional render farm. It is extremely easy to use. All that is required is for you to connect your machine to a remote service using the internet. After this is done, you can use the cloud without the need of additional hardware. Also, a cloud render service is relatively inexpensive.

As one of the leading online render farms, Fox renderfarm is greatly supportive in the sci-fi movies production with many softwares related to rendering farm technology, and it is also a remote render service provider as well, that is to say, you can know the process of rendering what you want to as long as you are on internet. if you have any questions, pls do not hesitate to contact us.

Fox Render farm’s rendering services have been used in several architectural rendering for various construction projects. For instance, some of their projects include architectural renderings for Guangzhou International Finance Center IFC, Phoenix Island, Topos City, “Hengqin Island, Zhuhai China” and "Yuexiu Tsing Shan Lake".
If you are in need of rendering services, do not hesitate to approach Fox Render Farm. They would be able to offer you superior rendering services at affordable rates.

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