Friday, 19 July 2013

How to choose best online render farm?

If you are an owner of animation production, or the film and TV production then you must be familiar with the concept of render farm. Render farm is a highly efficient computer system that generates high quality images for TV, video games, cartoons, 3D movies etc. if you are interesting in getting rendering services for your company then you should focus on five key points to make sure that you are dealing with best online render farm. There are plenty of rendering services in the market and all claims to be best. Here we will explain you how to differentiate excellent and average online render farms. Just follow these five points to make sure that you are dealing with the right rendering services.
·         First of all, before approaching any rendering service provider, make a clear list of your requirements. Once you know what you are looking for then it would be easier for you to make a final decision. Now you can easily check which service provider is an expert in your field of interest.
·         Fetch a list of popular service providers and research about them online. Check their personal websites, LinkedIn page, Face book page, their services and reviews. Check their portfolio to get an idea about the clients they have already worked out in the past.
·         The next best option is to join online render farm communities where you will get recent updates about any particular render farm. You can easily find out who is providing the best services in the market. Some forums are adding paid reviews also so you have to check carefully either these reviews are genuine or fake.
·         You can trust on review sites for making authentic business relations. There are few reviews sites especially dedicated to render farms. Here you can check reviews to make sure that you are not trapped with incompetent or unprofessional company.
·         If you are still not satisfied then send query at the company’s website and wait for their response. Here you have to check several parameters like response time, mode of communication, response tone etc. Most of the reliable companies reply within 24 hours. If it is taking much time then you are advised to look for other options.
At the bottom line, we conclude that there are plenty of online rendering services but only few are experts in their fields and you have to find the best one only like Fox Render farm.

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