Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Science Fiction movie is the new way to go!

Time and time again, watching movie is considered to be one of the major sources of entertainment always. If given a choice to watch normal vs sci-fi movie, it’s always seen and felt that sci-fi movies is preferred above the normal movie.

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Sci-fi movie is nothing but Computer Generated Imagery which is the dynamic form of computer animation. If we peep into the history of where it is coming from, it will be no wonder to say that even our grandfathers were a part of this revolution. The times when a movie was just a series of pictures taken and run on a frame and voice used to be dubbed, it is now that the movie is made either by scanning an image or designing in a computer, especially when we talk about sci-fi movies.
In one of the SF magazine published during 2005 there was a feature article listing the top 50 special effects. This list was published on the basis of votes gathered. This list had a minimum of 30 such special effects which were a part of the movies. This list was a proof that thesesci-fi movies  production’ was a hit since a long time. 

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The films like Aliens, Gladiators, Titanic, The Lord of the Rings, Matrix to The Transformers all are equally liked and loved by many. Now this sci-fi movie production has started to enter the kid’s space. The kind of movies that kids now days watch are very surprising; this industry has correctly targeted and tapped the new section when they have started penetrating and are finding early success.
Computer Generated Imagery earlier used to need very high end and specialised people who are well educated and have adequate knowledge about the whole process. Now the trend is different. This is offered as a course in many reputed universities. This has proved to be area of interest for many individuals who learn the required software and master this industry. These available courses have brought in a new technology prospect to the whole industry. Now people can do this as a hobby sitting at home or as a profession working with large number of people on this beautiful technology. There are various software’s available in the market which give you the necessary tools to make the movie or film very innovative and interesting. Unlike earlier now there also option which can help to produce invisible effects, colour alterations, different weather effects and much more. 
Thanks to all the hard work by the best professionals in the industry. We definitely cherish what is available and will continue doing so.

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