Monday, 20 May 2013

Useful Information On Mobile Rendering

Have you ever heard of mobile rendering? Well, it is a known term for those who remain upgraded about the technological advancements that are going on all around. But those who are not as aware as this tech savvy population might be a bit flabbergasted about this term. So, the necessary information is given here for them. Check out!

What mobile rendering is?

This is a technology that gives you the freedom to modify your website as and when you need. For instance, you may wish make your official website compatible with smart phones or you may want the tablet users to browse your website though their 10" screen of your. Unfortunately, sticking on to the same website that was created for the 17" wide desktop screen might lead to distorted results! So, you need mobile rendering in order to custom fit your website interface.

What benefits can mobile rendering give?

1. Spur in your traffic: Believe it or not, you will see a straight 5% increase in traffic influx when you apply mobile rendering and make your website compatible with a number of electronic devices. Thus, this technology will contribute towards overall global web browsing experience.

2. Spur in business: This is again something to celebrate! You will be surprised to know something. Traffic that comes to your website through mobiles and tablets have 40% more chance to opt for the services or products you offer as compared to those who use their laptops and desktops to browse the internet. Actually, the petite size of their portable devices gives them less option to navigate extensively. Thus, they are more focused and prefer landing straight to the page where they can see the stuffs they want. Consequently, you have greater chances to receive orders for service or products you offer from them.

What should be kept in mind while executing mobile rendering?

Now that you have known about the benefits that you will get after application of mobile rendering and making your website compatible with mobile devices, do not think that any modification will have the same result. You need to remember a couple of things to harness its advantages:

1. You need to redesign the website in such a way that makes it easier for the mobile users to access it. Basically, it should be simple and sorted out.

2. Study the nature of mobile users. Conduct practical surveys and count upon web statistics to get a concrete picture and refrain from faulty guess works. When you get the actual data, you will have a clearer understanding about the sections of your website that attract traffic the most. Now you need to render that specific part of the website so that it serves the needs of the visiting traffic and gives them detailed information of your offers.
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