Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Render Farm Which Offers Mobile Rendering

A render farm is a cluster of computers which are formed to bring into life computer generated imagery via a method involving batch processing. It is used particularly for creating visual effects which are commonly viewed in television or movies.

Due to these reasons, organizations and individuals have created render farms to assist corporate bodies and individuals to get access to visuals such as video special graphics, animation graphics, 3D Maya graphics, etc. in their clusters. Using sophisticated equipment, they give artists the chance to access quality images at competitive prices and this could be done in a very short time. They make use of equipment involving queue management which automates the process, making it integrated. In addition, use of software is also made which makes the communication between the processors and the queue manager smoother.

Installing and maintaining a physical render farm is very time-consuming and expensive. Also, a physical farm occupies too much space and must be maintained in an environment which is conducive. If an artist could get rid of all these problems and their associated additional costs, he would be able to save more money and time, which would eventually lead to additional profit.

Now that you are aware of the pros of an online render service, how would you be able to identify a reliable provider? The first feature of a reliable provider is trial service; if he or she does not offer you a trial service, he is definitely not an optimum choice. Render service is a long term commitment; hence a provider who knows what he is doing and must be able to prove that he is competent in the industry. The only way to offer proof of this point is to provide the users with free trial services so that prospective users would be able to judge them.

Another factor which needs to be considered while choosing a provider is customer support. How adept is the customer support team? Are they approachable and how well do they respond to customer queries? What is the duration for getting a response and resolving an issue? You need to find concrete answers to these questions to find a reliable provider.

Fox Render Farm is a reputed online render farm. Fox Render Farm has released an android app for the android phone. Users would be able to monitor her/his mobile rendering progress using this app. Here are some features of the app. You could check on your render thumbnail, render cost and render progress anywhere and at anytime. You could monitor your rendering tasks easily. You could resubmit, abort, pause and start the rendering task as you like. You would be able to check on your personal profile. You would be able to get to know the latest supported software.

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