Thursday, 16 May 2013

A Render Farm, A Profitable Bet

Think of a farm and you will find yourself thinking of cows, sheep, pigs and horses. Now, go a step further and think of a render farm. What do you think it is? Imagine you were for example a professional graphic animator, an architect or a modelling artist. You have been studying and then training for years to acquire a complete understanding of every single detail about your career, you have worked really hard to set up your own business or to be hired by the best companies in your speciality field. You are working on an extremely important project that needs all your attention and expertise.
Unfortunately, when you get to render your graphics you find that you don't have the necessary equipment to complete the task. Rendering is one of the most complicated and essential processes when talking about graphic animation. However, apart from needing the existence of computers supplied with the indispensable hardware, it also requires the presence of a server, which will be able to assist with the weight of the rendering work.
Once you know exactly what you need you will realise that a server, also known as a super computer, has a very expensive price, which is almost unaffordable for most companies and individuals. Some bigger corporations, having the capital needed to afford them, have seen the potential profit that lays on this slight complication. They have bet on a way to make a profit out of it by setting up a server connected to thousands of computers, also called render nodes. This server is made available for online use in what receives the name of render farms. As a result, offered at an affordable price, anyone can have access to the equipment necessary to accomplish any rendering work, providing high quality on time.
Additionally, there is a way to witness how your graphics are being rendered, for those who don't fully trust the results achieved at the render farms. The so called monitor rendering services are available in most render farms. The user can monitor their rendering work by downloading a simple application into their computers. Even if you are on the move, you can follow the process of your rendering job by downloading the monitor rendering application to your Smartphone. Apart from observing the status of your rendering, this service also gives you the option to pause and stop the procedure at any time through the monitor rendering application.
Rendering is a complex process which also needs a lot of time to get completed. By the use of a render farm, the time problem gets certainly solved. The reason for that is that the render farms put at the users' disposal not only a powerful server, but also a great amount of server nodes. The fact of being able to monitor your rendering works form far away gives you the peace of mind you need to keep on working on your projects while the hard stuff is being made by the render farm.

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