Sunday, 19 May 2013

Things To Learn For Developing The Most Life-Like Architecture Rendering

Thinking of a dream house and letting your architect know about each and every aspect of it sound too impractical. Most of the times, we dream something and our architectural firms develop something else on pen and paper! But you can cheer up now as creating your dream abode is just a few mouse clicks away! Actually, we are talking about architecture rendering. It can help you in creating photo-realistic architectural projects. Moreover, such a CG project will help the architect in removing the errors in the architectural plan that he has made!

But it is not as easy as it sounds. You need to follow some tips yourself in order to create a perfect 3D architectural project and present it to your architect. Read on!

    Gather practical knowledge

You can say that this tip is applicable for each and every CG project. When you lack conception about proportions, shapes, light effects and every other technicality that makes a graphic project resemble a real-life scene you cannot create a realistic project.

    Look at the edges

Have you ever noticed that even the sharpest edge of your chair’s hand rest has a uniform roundness in it? This is exactly what you need to incorporate in your architecture rendering project. As soon as you realize that a building, or a room, or furniture cannot have exactly razor-sharp corners, you are half way in the path of perfection!

    Adjust lights

While incorporating lighting effect in your project, you must keep in mind whether it is an indoor scene or an outdoor sequence. If the scene is that of the interior part of a room, it will be darker. But that does not mean you will make the room so murky that you cannot look through it! Similarly, when you wish to create an external scene and wish to portray a bright sunny ambiance you cannot apply brightness and contrast to your heart’s content. It will burn the scene! Rather, it is always better to stop unnecessary experimentation with manual methods and stick to in-built default lighting profiles in your software.

    Chromatic aberrations count

Although chromatic aberrations are regarded as flaws of photography, you will be surprised to know that it is mandatory for making your architectural project look realistic! Actually, there cannot be any photograph of any object or any architectural structure that does not have this characteristic faint blue and red outline all around it which is called chromatic aberration. Technically, when the lens of a camera is focused on a scene it can be found that the light rays do not mingle with each other at a specific point. This leads to the emergence of chromatic aberrations. So, if you wish to make your architecture rendering project look realistic then you need to add in this specific feature.

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