Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Benefits Of Playing Anime Games

In the recent past, anime games have become accepted as a phenomenon prevailing globally. They have their roots in Japan and have grown tremendously to reach the position they are at today. Anime derives from Manga, referring to Japanese comic books. Kids are particularly fond of such comic books, since they bring the images of their favorite cartoon characters into life.

There is a large choice of anime games to choose from and enthusiasts are spoilt for choice usually. Few of the popular titles include Doraemon Fishing, Dragonball Z, Naruto Invades among others. Given that anime games have become main-stream with titles like Pokmon, Street Fighter, Final Fantasy VII, we should reiterate the advantages which they offer to players.

-Increased Hand Eye Coordination
Such games are said to enhance hand-eye coordination. Such games have themes which are action oriented and require hand-eye coordination to be above average. Usually, players develop strong coordination between the hand and the eyes after playing them for a long duration. This skill could be very useful in sports.

-Imagination Boost
Such games are generally based on fictional characters who seek out to achieve the impossible. This helps an active imagination develop within a child and also enhances the problem solving abilities of the child.

Most of these games help develop qualities of persistence in the players. There is a fighting spirit and discipline involved in moving from one level to the next. Such games become more and more challenging as the levels progress and it requires a great deal of persistence to complete one level and advance to the next.

As opposed to watching anime on television, playing anime games helps kids control the destiny of their characters. This gets them to think instead of idling away in front of the television.

-Better cognitive skills
Cognitive health is enhanced greatly by playing anime. This is due to the fact that players need to make critical decisions, solve problems and follow set rules. They provide great mental stimulus which contributes to the overall wellness of the player.

-Reduces poor eating habits in kids
When kids are totally absorbed in playing, they do not think about snacking or other poor eating habits. This helps prevent health conditions such as obesity which is a result of excessive snacking.

To develop these games, the corresponding animation needs to be rendered. Powerful sets of computers are used for rendering these images. Such a network of computers is called a rendering farm. Computing power and memory is shared across the different machines or servers of a render farm. Several rendering software tools are used in a render farm to process images. 3d Max render farm uses Maya as the rendering software.

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