Monday, 8 April 2013

What Exactly Is A Render Farm?

In simple terms, a render farm is a highly performing computer system. The system is mainly built to render CGI or Computer Generated Imagery. Render farms are typically meant for visual effects in a number of industries, including the film and television industries among others. Essential to note about the definition of a render farm is that, it is different from a render wall. The two are usually confused for each other, so it is essential that we differentiate them from the onset. As has been defined, a render farm is a computer system that is meant to render computer imagery. On the other hand, a render wall is a system that is meant for real time rendering. The difference between the two is that a render wall is meant to render images in real time, while a render farm only renders computer generated images. Also, notable about a render wall is that it is a networked, but tiled display.

Previously the rendering of images would take lots of time and the end result would not be the best. However, advancement in technology has made it possible for rendering to be fast and of high quality. Today, images can be rendered faster and more realistic. Today, one does not need a lot of time to render high resolution images, since technology has made it possible for the process to be completed within a reasonable amount of time. This has made it possible for a lot of render farms to make some money, since the faster a farm is, the more clients it is bound to get. Many people want their images rendered fast, so they prefer to work with farms that can actually do fast, high quality image rendering.

To better explain the concept of render farms and rendering, it is vital that we look at how these render farms actually work. Look at a render farm as various computers that are connected to each other. The need for numerous computers is so as to make it possible to render images in a short period of time. The more the computers that a farm has, the faster its render services are bound to be. If you have watched some good action or animation movies lately, you have witnessed rendering first hand. Most of the things we see in movies today are impossible to do without render farms. However, if these farms did not exist, we would probably not enjoy those movies as much. Render farms exist for industries that require high resolution computer graphics. So many industries today depend on render farms, for example the movie industry. The movie industry would probably not be doing as well as it is without render farms. This is because; these farms give an extra touch to movies, which, to be truthful, we all love.

In a nutshell, a render farm is a system of computers that is meant to produce high resolution imagery. Render farms are vital for the existence of industries that majorly rely on computer graphics.

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