Saturday, 6 April 2013

Computer Games, Render Wall and Render Farm

Why Are Computer Games So Popular?

Computer Games are widespread across the globe and we cannot deny the fact that many of us are fond of playing these games from youngster to aged people as part of our relaxation and enjoyment process. Being fans of computer games online, it really helps people to release stress after a very tiresome day at work or at home. Playing these games can make you venture your own world where you do not think of anything else and forget all the other things that hinder you. You can focus on the game you are playing and just have fun. Though it is not really advisable especially for kids to rely on these computer games because these will lessen their interest in their studies, reduce their social activities and might also affect their confidence. This is one of the reasons why parents should take responsibility and watch for their kids.
What are the Differences Between Render Wall and Render Farm?

The render wall is a networked tiled screen which renders the images in real time while the render farm renders the images separately as frames using an internal (cache) memory and textures. Over the time, the render farm technology has started offering a higher speed in loading the images, almost instantly. With this technology the good quality and more realistic images can be created for a reasonable amount of time. This helps the game programmers to satisfy the needs of the users who need better and better quality of the images.

To be able to manage a farm you need licensed software which doesn’t cost much. Nowadays you can find such software available at reasonable prices. The render farm prices vary from one supplier to another. You can find different plans from Standard price up to unlimited rendering.
Is It Expensive?

The exact amount per frame in buying a standard rendering package is not that expensive and is made especially for cost conscious buyers. Truth is, unlimited renderings package offers a render farm price lesser than you can imagine. In case you need to develop a larger online project the best option is to rent a render machine and pay for its rent monthly. Again, the renting prices will vary depending upon each machine’s performance.

While choosing to rent a render machine you can benefit from unlimited renderings and also get technical support from supplier. This service may sound a bit expensive but you can benefit many other features such as real time preview of the uploaded files, automatically resetting the path of cache files, analyzing itself the settings of the uploaded files and multi ways of uploading the files in the server. Also the render machines offer pre-installed plug-in and support multi software such as 3ds Max, Maya, Soft Image (3D software), V-ray or Mental Ray (Render engines), DreamScape or FUMEFX (Plug-ins).

It is true that on the market there are many suppliers of render farms but always try to find the best one, but it doesn’t mean that the most expensive is the best one. Consider reading user reviews online to help yourself make a decision.

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