Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Industries Which Are Heavily Dependent Upon Animation

The plethora of advertisements that we see and drop our jaws wide and the assortment of games that we play today are only possible due to animation. In nutshell, it can always be said that CG has a great influence in a number of sectors. But those who belong to a particular sector consider that the dependence to graphics is limited to that sector only. Unfortunately, such an idea is baseless. For instance, those who are directly connected with the multimedia world believe that CG is used by them exclusively. Let us learn why such an idea is wrong. Plus, we will also know which the industries are where the influence of CG is immense.

Architectural industry

Those of you who have never thought that CG can be used in architectural industry will be surprised now! Gone are those days when the architects would make manual diagrams of architectural plans and remain skeptical about the outcome. Now animation has taken over and the time consuming manual method of generating architectural plans have become back dated.

Real estate business

It is again a surprise for many of us to think that real estate business is also dependent upon multimedia. Actually, the agents as well as customers prefer to see how an apartment looks like after it has been finished. This increases the chances of salability of an unfurnished property. So, the walk through of a property that you might see in the offices of many estate agents is actually developed by multimedia software like 3D Max and Maya.

Advertising in mass media

Does it require much explanation that CG has a prominent influence in the world of advertising? We assume that you know that the digitized company logo that pops up with the advertisement of your favorite cold drink is a graphical creation. But do you know that the soft and silky mane of the models in shampoo commercials or the bubbles over the cup of your preferred brand of hot coffee is also generated by animation? Actually, all the animations are so neat and precise that novice people like us fail to distinguish whether they are real or fake!

Gaming industry

About fifty to sixty years back, people could not think of playing animated games in computers. But now gaming industry is one of the highest profit earners! It is growing every day and host of new games are getting introduced daily. The gaming environment and the 3D characters are so real that gaming freaks spend hours in their system busy playing the animated computer games. All said and done, every multimedia artist cannot afford to purchase the highly expensive multimedia software. For them, the best option is to contact service providers. The benefit of such an option is that they get same quality at economical rates. For example, render farm price is much cheaper than the purchase and installation of the main software in the workplace.

Since render farm price is cheaper than the cumbersome process of purchase and installation of the multimedia software.

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