Monday, 22 April 2013

What are VRay Render Farms and Softimage Rendering?

Several companies offer very good online render farm service. It is a complex task to render computer graphics. A high performance system is required to render such graphics. This is the reason why render farms are used for rendering graphics, which results in a high performance. The reasons why 3D graphics artists are able to develop 3D graphics easily are because of render farms. It is known that only with the high performance capabilities of a computing platform that one can render graphics. A render farm is a system where multiple computers are connected together, sharing processor and memory and producing high performance.

In the past, individual computer systems were used for rendering computer graphics and these computers did not have enough power for rendering high level 3D graphics and other complex works of art. But, with the high performance powers of render farms, things have become easy and it has become possible to render complex and high level graphics. It helps the computer graphics industry to be able to render 3D graphics easily than ever before.

Several software are used to render graphics. Some of the very popular software used to render 3D models are Maya, Aladdin, 3DS max, Lightwave 3D, etc. As it is known, such software requires high performance and hence, render farms are needed to render complex graphics. Besides, there are several rendering engines which are used as extensions for 3D graphics software. These engines create a rendering of graphics with the advanced technology.

These days, there are several types of rendering farms which are available to serve computer graphics studios. Vray render farm was designed for a CG studio which uses v-ray rendering engine for rendering 3D graphics. They are largely utilized in the video game and the film industry. Like v-ray render farm, softimage rendering involves CG studio which uses specialized software for rendering using the Softimage tool. Blender software involves an animation rendering wherein the artist enters the loop and saves the images from a movie file. A single image render would return only the display output.

If you are seeking online render farm service, it is imperative to hire the right kind of provider. There are several online providers of rendering farms which you can find on the internet. One among them is Fox Render Farm. They are quite popular and provide reliable service since the inception of their business. One thought which you might entertain is about the purchasing of the render farm. But, it would be a great expense to purchase them, carry out the installation and do the maintenance. To avoid all these hassle, it is better to avail the services of a company which offers online rendering services.

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